the resurrected dog emerged from the grave after being injected with the drug and buried alive

Kiryusha, a 7-year-old German shepherd dog, found his way out of a grave in the forest after being buried alive by his owner, neglected to die.

Kiryusha dog was discovered by kind driver Olga Lystseva (39 years old) on a highway in northern Russia. She drove past Kiryusha as the animal wandered off in the rain. As an animal lover, she could not stop thinking about the pitiful animal and decided to turn back, crossing a distance of nearly 15 km in the hope of saving the dog.

Olga later found the exhausted Kiryusha lying on the side of the road. She found him some food and put it in the car. Kiryusha slept all the way 150 kilometers to Ukhta – where she took it to a rescue center for Kind City.

The Kiryusha dog was found in a state of exhaustion.

Volunteers shared pictures of the pitiful animal on social media and it was quickly discovered that it was from the town of Yemva. Kiryusha’s owner – a couple – initially said they buried the dog because “it was not healthy”. And then somehow, the poor dog managed to dig his way out of the forest grave and walked to the side of the road for help.

They admit to having injected a drug to kill the dog, then bury it in a remote location near the Ukhta-Syktyvkar highway. However, through the test results, the veterinarian found that Kiryusha was healthy and did not have any serious illness, other than signs of starvation. Rescue units said the couple apologized for “accidentally” burying the dog alive.

Ekaterina Nimak, a member of the rescue center, said: “Thanks to Olga, Kiryusha can start a new life. At the center, it is very quiet, rarely aggressive with other dogs and does not bark. very gracious to people “.

Kiryusha, a 7-year-old German shepherd dog, recovered from being buried alive.

The kind driver Olga Lystseva is an animal lover.

Local media reported that Kiryusha is being adopted by a family in the area.

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