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The sudden fire caused Capitol Hill to be sealed off

The inauguration day of the US President is about to take place, but at present, Washington is immersed in a hostile atmosphere, highly alert. At this sensitive time, recently (January 18) a fire broke out near Capitol Hill, causing authorities to block the area. The fire was quickly extinguished.

The atmosphere in Washington DC is of unprecedented tension just before the inauguration of the US president in 2021, security forces are everywhere. Photo taken January 16, 2021 (Source: matt3470 / Shutterstock).

A fire broke out near Capitol Hill in Washington on January 18, Reuters reported. The incident at this time sensitive, although the area near the fire is far from the Capitol, it was enough to worry the soldiers and police guarding in Washington.

For security reasons, an ambulance was dispatched outside Capitol Hill, Reuters said, citing the official. At one point, the police ordered the blockade of the Capitol as well as the Capitol.

Fox News reported that authorities had to evacuate some residents at the West Gate of Capitol Hill, also advising people to stay inside due to security concerns.

Later, the U.S. Secret Service also confirmed that the fire occurred near Capitol Hill, but had been extinguished and was not of concern.

Some netizens tweeted a live video and said the fire started in a homeless area under a bridge.

There was no fire inside or outside Capitol Hill, Reuters said in the official statement. Reuters also said authorities had evacuated people outside the Capitol.

The mood was tense in Washington before the inauguration

The inauguration of the US president is imminent, and with it, tension is mounting in Washington. The Washington Post, Thursday, January 14, quoted a person familiar with the situation as saying that the National Mall Park may have to be closed on the day of the ceremony, which would only allow media and security personnel to enter. .

According to the Washington Post, an official in Washington said, “That means no one can enter the National Mall … If you want to see, maybe you can only see the top of the Capitol.”

However, officials at the National Mall said authorities had not made a “final decision” on whether or not to shut down the National Mall.

For dozens of days leading up to the President’s inauguration in the United States, the National Mall has always been a traditional place where people come to attend the inauguration, this time around the neighborhood is a place of gathering of many people.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser said that starting Jan. 14, anyone approaching the inauguration could be arrested and questioned. As of January 15, all downtown parking lots will be closed until the end of the ceremony. He also asked residents to avoid the city center altogether and announced that 13 metro stations in the secure area would be closed for a few days and changes would be made to bus routes in the area.

Many comments suggest that taking security measures to secure a presidential inauguration and other major events is as normal as ever, but a vigilant blockade like this holiday is rare. see. A video posted by Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin shows that thousands of National Guard soldiers armed with M4 rifles arrived on Capitol Hill on Thursday. “I’ve never seen anything like it on the Capitol in our country,” Griffin exclaimed.

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