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The United States hung upside down the Mexican flag

Mexico’s President stands next to the flag (photo: From video by Andrés Manuel López Obrador channel)

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday confused many Mexicans after displaying the Mexican flag upside down during an online meeting with Mexican Foreign Minister Ebrard, according to Fox News.

According to Fox News, Mr. Blinken posted a photo sitting at his desk with the US and Mexican flags ahead of his meeting with Mr. Ebrard.

“It’s great to be‘ in ’Mexico! The US-Mexico relationship affects the daily lives of citizens of both countries, ”the US Secretary of State wrote on Twitter. Today, I discuss our commitment to working with Mexico on COVID-19, promoting trade and investment, and taking a holistic approach to migration in the region. “.

One detail has been misleading, however, confusing online observers – the Mexican flag is hanging upside down. The eagle’s head on the Mexican flag should be facing upwards – in contrast to the way the flag was placed behind Mr. Blinken.

Mexican journalists were quick to point out the bug, with some expressing confusion as to why the flag was improperly displayed.

Journalist Ariel Moutsatsos commented: “With the flag of Mexico upside down, Foreign Minister [Blinken] has begun a virtual visit to the country.

Journalist Leo Agusto questioned whether there was an “encrypted message” in the upside down flag.

When done on purpose, the upside-down flag is often used to express suffering, opposition or disrespect.

The US State Department has not yet spoken on the move.

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