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The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously passed a resolution supporting the Cuban protests

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee recently unanimously passed a resolution supporting the protests against the communist regime in Cuba.

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez

The unprecedented wide-scale anti-regime protests have broken out in Cuba since July 11. According to human rights groups, nearly 700 protesters have been arbitrarily detained by Cuban authorities, many of whom are currently unknown where they are being held. Authorities have begun holding perfunctory trials to convict protesters, including minors, of crimes such as causing public disorder, resisting law enforcement, etc.

According to a press release from the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the recently passed resolution condemns “the Cuban government’s use of violence against the thousands of Cuban citizens who have taken to the streets to peacefully march to call on the Cuban government to respect for basic human rights and call for an end to the dictatorship in Cuba.”

The resolution reads: “Considering that despite the dictatorship’s blockade of internet services to prevent information about the protests, the Cuban people still witness many examples of their countrymen who are asking for help. change in this country and bravely join the growing protests.”

“Considering that despite the peaceful nature of the protests, [Cuban President] Miguel Diaz-Canel has incited violence among the Cuban people and has encouraged his supporters to attack the protesters. peaceful love. He declared on television that, ‘combat orders have been issued, take to the streets’ and he pledged the lives of his supporters, calling: ‘Step over our dead bodies. . We are ready to do anything.”

The resolution concludes: “Therefore, now by this resolution, the Senate: expresses strong solidarity with the Cuban people who are yearning to live in a free and democratic country, with free access. information, justice and economic prosperity”.

In a press release, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez (Democrat, New Jersey) said: “As the Díaz Canel regime continues its violent crackdown, people mysteriously disappear. , arbitrarily imprisoned to quell the pro-democracy movement in Cuba, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is voicing full and absolute solidarity with the thousands of Cubans who have risked their lives to liberate themselves. from the iron fist of the dictatorship that has suppressed the people’s spirit for more than 60 years.”

Senator Marco Rubio (Republican, Florida), senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated: “As the Communist regime’s oppression of Cuba continues to hold the Cuban people hostage after 62 years of persecution, relentless pressure and abuse, I applaud the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for passing this important bipartisan resolution. America must stand with the brave Cubans as they fight for their fundamental freedoms and [fight] against tyranny.”

The above resolution will continue to be discussed and voted on by the whole Senate. A similar resolution was introduced by bipartisan congressmen to the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

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