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The US Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit against Mr Trump blocking criticism on Twitter

On April 5, the US Supreme Court denied the lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, thereby asking the judges to allow him to block his critics on Twitter.  

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Right-wing judge Clarence Thomas wrote a private stance, which echoed Republican concerns about the power of social media companies like Twitter, adding that the Supreme Court needed to take part.

“We have no choice but to stick to our general legal principles, which apply to privately owned information infrastructure such as digital platforms,” ​​he said. .

Social media companies, as private organizations, can censor users’ content when they find it “relevant,” Thomas said. They need to behave like any other business, requiring all customers to be treated equally.

Trump appealed after the New York-based District Two Court of Appeals concluded that he violated the First Amendment to the US Constitution by blocking his critics on social media platforms. Mr. Trump left office in January 2021.

The justices of the Supreme Court finally issued a decision to reject the Second District Court of Appeal on the grounds that Mr. Trump is no longer president of the United States.

During his presidency, Mr. Trump regularly used Twitter to promote his agenda. Twitter banned Mr. Trump from joining the platform following the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

Republicans and Democrats both criticize social media companies for different reasons. Specifically, Republicans said that these platforms discriminated against the right people while Democrats said the Big Tech had not intervened “vigorously” to remove the false information and extreme content.

Some Republicans have called for the removal of legal shields for Big Techs under Section 230 of the Communications Standards Act (CDA) of 1996. This act allows Companies enjoy exemptions from user-posted content on their website.

Mr. Trump used Twitter as an important way of communication before and during his presidency.

Before being permanently suspended, Mr. Trump’s @realDonaldTrump account, created in 2009, had more than 88 million followers. Twitter said it has banned Mr. Trump from its platform “due to the risk of inciting violence.”

Trump said he used social media as a way to ignore “mainstream” media he called “fake news” while viewing journalists as “enemies of the people. . “

The case began when seven people Trump blocked in 2017, along with the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, sued Mr. Trump for arguing that his actions violated the provisions outlined in the Amendment. First.

The District Two Court of Appeal’s ruling is similar to the federal judge’s decision against Mr. Trump in 2018, and this led the president to unblock some accounts.

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