The Voice Kids – The judges turned their seats before the girl started singing “My Heart Will Go On”

The Voice Kids is a chance for the youngest talents to present themselves to a wider audience. One of the participants accomplished the impossible. She delighted the jurors even before she started singing!

The Voice Kids: The jurors turned the chairs around before the girl started singing

Thanks to this, the judges’ decision is not influenced in any way by the image of the artist. In an episode filmed in the Netherlands, the impossible happened. The participant touched the jury’s hearts before she began to sing. Two chairs turned around before hearing her vocals.

How did she do it? She delighted those present in the studio with her violin playing. 12-year-old Bente decided to supplement her performance with inserts played on the instrument. The jurors, not hearing the girl’s vocals, and yet turning around, took a little risk. However, they found that someone with such a musical talent could not sing wrongly.

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