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The West is gradually isolating China, will China and Russia be divided?

Last week, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) expressed anger because in international diplomatic summits, they had to see world leaders unite against them. The CCP spokesman complained that there had been a “malicious attack” and that foreign forces had a “malicious plan”. However, the CCP is almost unable to reverse this anti-communist trend.

On June 11, 2021, the G7 summit opened in Cornwall, United Kingdom. G7 leaders from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan, and two leaders of the European Union pose for a photo together. (Image: G7 UK official Twitter)

Xi Jinping’s “Vision 2035” shows the way for China to achieve world leadership in the next 14 years. The road seems rougher now, largely due to the United States’ efforts to unite its allies.

The West is intensifying its attack on the CCP

A spokesman for the Chinese government quickly dismissed the G7 meeting that begins this week, calling it pointless. “Gone are the days when a few countries made global decisions,” said a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in London. However, the CCP’s problem is this: The group of nations that opposes Chinese hegemony is not small, and is growing.

First of all, the G7 summit reached an imperfect but still important consensus among the Governments of North America, Europe, Japan, India, Australia and South Korea. It is facing China as a whole. Basically, NATO has rewritten its principles, identifying China as a strategic rival and trying to prevent the spread of CCP-style totalitarianism. More importantly, NATO has promised to forge new alliances in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Biden’s Attitude

Just as President Lincoln described his era as to whether a democratic government can last, Biden used that ideology to describe the current conflict. President Biden said at a press conference at the White House on March 25 of this year: “I predict to you that your child or grandchild will do a doctoral thesis on who will succeed, the perfectionists. rule or democracy. Because that is the key.”

For Mr. Biden, autocracy has a face, and that is the face of Mr. Xi Jinping. “He (Xi Jinping) is not democratic to his bones… He believes that autocracy is the trend of the future, and that democracy cannot work in an increasingly complex world.” Mr. Biden said.

“Their common goal is to become the leading country in the world, the richest and most powerful country in the world. This will not happen under my leadership.”

Attitudes of countries are changing

Most other democratic leaders seem to fully support the US goal of ensuring that democracies do not cede global domination to China. At the NATO summit, in a joint statement concluding in Brussels, Trudeau said: “During the meeting, Prime Minister Trudeau reaffirmed Canada’s unwavering commitment to the values ​​of NATO and the alliance, including individual liberties, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.”

For the CCP, one of the most worrying things this week is not only the diplomatic alliance, but also the military alliance and economic alliance. As early as February, Mr. Biden expressed his determination to end America’s reliance on China as a strategic resource, which includes rare earth minerals. Because 80% of rare earths in the United States are now imported from China, used to make everything from engines and turbines to medical equipment.

Mr. Biden also said that electric cars and the batteries that power them are 21st century technology and that he has no intention of letting China dominate. His government ended a trade dispute with South Korean battery manufacturers, as they sought to support non-Chinese companies.

China is hard to get an alliance

Hong Haofeng of Johns Hopkins University said that forming a global coalition to curb China’s actions is bad news for the CCP. Because China is no match for Western alliances and there is little hope of forming a new one.

“China’s allies are countries that have no choice but to depend on China, its markets, and its financial system. They are countries sanctioned by the United States and Western alliances, like Russia, Iran and North Korea.”

“So they need China’s financial, market and resource power to cushion the negative impact of Western sanctions. They have no other choice. They have to rely on China. But at the same time, it’s not exactly a values-based alliance.”

An ally like this is not difficult to separate. Thus, Biden’s meeting with Putin in Geneva allowed Putin to see another option for Russia. Mr. Biden praised his Russian opponent in remarks aimed at stoking Russian pride, calling him a “worthy adversary”. The CCP has reason to worry that if tensions between Russia and the West can be eased, a new Sino-Russian split may soon occur.

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