The whole world admires the skillful dance of the children of the Ugandan orphanage

Dancing is fun for artists and spectators. Proof of this is the videos posted by the Masaka Kids Africana Relief Camp, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with “ social education through talent ” (a camp for children two years of age or older Uganda). All of them have the potential to become master dancers and have shown the world their inspiring and positive performances.

The talent of dancing to different types of music combined with costumes, props and cultural tastes in Kayirikiti, Nyendo, Uganda makes a difference. The positive energy transmitted by the dancing children as well as the happiness they exude in each video is admirable, as they all lose their parents in dire circumstances – including war, poverty. diseases and extreme illnesses.

It is only a small fraction of the children of the black continent who are adopted, fed and educated by the non-profit association Masaka Kids Africana. Masaka Kids Africana explains, “Despite the tragedy that once devastated children’s lives, children are still hopeful, talented in music and dance.” It is also the key for children to see their potential and build their own dreams for the future.

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