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The Yangtze River dried up due to the CCP’s policies

The stretch of the Yangtze River passing through Tianxing Chau Town, Wuhan City was severely dried up (video screenshot).

Recently, a real video showed that the stretch of the Yangtze River passing through Tianxing Chau Town, Wuhan City was severely dried up, but the Chinese media ignored the incident. Overseas scholars believe that this is the disaster of the Three Gorges work of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in order to naturally renovate the city. But the CCP is still cherishing the weather change plan, raising fears that more problems will arise in the future,

Recently, an actual scene video showing the Yangtze River, also known as the Changjiang River, passing through Tianxing Chau town, Wuhan city has dried up, cars can run on a beach Large sand, many dead fish are stranded on shallow, white sandy water.

Economist: Post-art of the Three Gorges Project of the CCP
A Chinese netizen also filmed a video of the Yangtze River going through Tianxing Chau Town, Wuhan City in February this year, the video showed the river was almost dry, the riverbed was full of sand. white. This person said that last summer, this section of the river was devastated by floods.

Video: The Yangtze River bed passing through Wuhan city has hit the bottom and turned into a desert

The cameraman shared that the former locals had said that this place could inherently open boats. He expressed his admiration for the fact that: The Yangtze River was once abundant in produce, and lush seafood now seems to exist only in educational textbooks.

Independent economist Lanh Son Dynasty said on March 15 that he himself had lived in Wuhan for a long time, hardly ever seen such a situation, so he couldn’t help but be shaken. during the dry season, the Yangtze River still has small rivers, but now almost all are dried up.

He claimed that the CCP’s Three Gorges Project was the cause of this situation. The Tam Hiep project accelerated the release of water during the flood season, causing severe flooding downstream of the dam. During the dry season, the project attempts to store water to generate electricity, turning downstream areas into grasslands and deserts. The waterway loses regulation and reserves the function of nature.

Irrigation expert Wang Duy Lac: The natural recovery of the CCP has led to many problems

Mr. Wang Weiluo, an irrigation and land-use planning expert currently living in Germany, received an interview with The Epochtimes Times on March 17 that the series of photos posted by netizens was real. Originally, there was an island in the middle of the river in the middle of the Wuhan section of the Yangtze River, which divided the Yangtze into two parts, one as a main river and the other as a secondary river. The water in the main section of the river is quite deep, while the water in the sub-river section is quite shallow. The video that netizens took this time was on the side of the side river, so watching the Yangtze River is surrounded by narrow, narrow puddles.

Mr. Wang said: According to the intention of the CCP government, at that time, the dam of the reservoir was to learn from the Soviet Union. At that time, high-ranking CCP leaders said they were deploying this project to store floods in reservoirs and drain floods during the dry season, but now it’s basically impossible, basically the exact opposite – in season. Flooding, this project has no way to avoid heavy floods, during the dry season it stores water first for power generation, which worsens the downstream drought. This problem is bad enough.

He said the Yangtze River was heavily flooded last summer and the very low water level at the end of last year really had a big gap between the two banks. “This year, the volume of sand in this waterway may be linked to the sedimentation of the sand in the Upper Yangtze River which spilled during the flood season of last year, because its sand is quite recent, it doesn there are no plants and no plants. life up there looks like newly deposited sand.

Mr. Wang added: In December 2020, the CPC State Council made an announcement to increase China’s artificial influence on the climate. This means that it wants to use artificial rain to increase rainfall to solve the drought problem, the CCP wants to rely on science and technology to conquer nature. Only the so-called human destiny wins the sky, it is the man who can conquer the sky and the earth. with the aim of improving nature and forcing nature to develop in the direction it needs. It would create a lot of problems, and in the end there was no way for the CCP itself to solve it.

In December of last year, the CCP announced that it would improve the artificial weather control system by 2025. At that time, Indian climate expert Dhanasree Jayaram told the BBC that his greatest concern was that the Chinese authorities could start doing this without consulting other countries, Once the Chinese government does, if there is a problem, what will happen? And who will be responsible.

In addition, Mr. Wang Wei Luo also noticed that this year, the Chinese media basically did not report on the low water level problem in Wuhan. In early 2020, before the city of Wuhan was blocked off, Chinese media reported that the low water level in Wuhan had just said Wuhan had a very large yard for people to have fun.

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