There is a lot of evidence that the human soul does exist

Referring to “the soul,” someone immediately said it was a superstition, then laughed at those who believed in its existence. The correct perception of the soul is mainly that of those who study Buddhism and Taoism, but it is also only prevalent as unorthodox in a small area. In fact, there are many organizations around the world that have conducted research on “the soul”.

Around the world, there are many organizations that conduct research on “the soul”. (Photo: Pinterest)

Study of the existence of the soul

Some soul research organizations find that the human weight after death is slightly reduced, they believe that this difference is the weight of the soul, thus confirming the existence of the soul. soul.
Several soul research organizations have used a special advanced optical tool to target dying people. They discovered that a light separates from the human body before dying, right after that, humans actually enter death. They believe it is the human soul and the body separate.
Some establishments have used the device to project a few pregnant women who are about to give birth and to detect a luminous object entering the woman’s body before the baby is born, and immediately. Then the child is born, they believe that the soul has entered the body of the child.

Soul and dream

Someone dreamed of meeting a deceased relative saying something, then the incident in question actually happened, from another point of view that man not only has a soul, moreover, l The human soul can also move in a space that the body could not have previously, and the memory of soul activity can be stored in the human brain.

Folk and folk customs

In rural China, children intimidated while playing, return home and fall asleep, gruesome, they are called “lost”. The mother of the child takes clothes or objects that the child used to bring to the place where he was threatened to summon his soul, then puts them on the body of the child, and soon l child jumps again bounce and come out like nothing has happened.
Some women with weakened bodies, haunted by a few dead people, is called a body loan. They spoke about people and things that the possessed person had never seen or encountered, spoke in the voices of other inhabitants, using the voice of a man, which was later verified. It also confirms the existence of the soul.

Being controlled by another soul

If a person can only be a body without a soul, it is a vegetable man or a corpse. It is easily understood: the human body is like a puppet in a puppet show, or a shadow puppet in a ball puppet on stage, and the human soul is like a puppet operator. and the ball puppet behind the wings.
While intoxicated, some people say this or that or do this or that, but after waking up they forget to “cleanse”, this is the reaction of another soul in the human body after being mind withholding the body; Some people, after being seriously ill, can talk, laugh, eat, drink, but do not recognize their loved ones, which is also another manifestation of the mind dominating the body.
When the mentally ill person goes mad, goes mad, says weird and weird things, does things beyond imagination. When the mind regains consciousness, it is as if nothing had happened before and had absolutely no memory. It is also a manifestation of being physically controlled by another soul.

Practitioners’ souls separate their bodies

The soul of a practitioner can separate the body. (Photo: Pinterest)

Those who cultivate according to the two main Orthodox methods of Buddhism and Taoism, in conditions of tranquility, concentration, mind, leave the body in beautiful places, see the beautiful landscapes somewhere. , and really feel the scene in another dimension. After samadhi, also wrote many articles and books about the fact that after entering samadhi, from a certain angle also claims that the human soul not only exists, but also functions and can be separated from the body. .
In Tibet, Buddhists have cultivated well, when they “sit clean, die peacefully” there will be a trail of colored light coming out of their heads, which is also true. that most people see, called a gifted spirit or gifted soul.
An eternal soul, everything has a soul

Through the above examples, we will see that man not only has a soul, but also a spirit with a spirit. In addition, the soul can also be active and several souls can exist in one body. The existence of the soul is symbolic, in fact, it is “human truth”.

The human soul is eternal, the body can die, but the soul is eternal. When he died, when he read the eulogy to the deceased, everyone said: Even though he is dead, his spirit has always encouraged us. In fact, these are the truest words, the truest nature.

The spirit everyone talks about is the human soul. When a person dies, the soul and the body separate, and the soul has to go its own way. Using the language of physics, it is: immortal matter.

Man cannot see his soul, just as we cannot see his own face, his ignorance of his soul is like ignorance of himself.

Everyone can see their own image by looking at themselves in the mirror, and those who cultivate through a pure, pure mind until the mind is as bright as a mirror, can see the shape of the soul, see the process of fate all by itself.

The best practitioners can even see their own past lives, which are the reincarnation of the soul in human beings, in a lot of time and space.

Humans not only have souls, but animals, plants, and even matter have souls and thinkers, some of whom have been recognized by science. In fact, everything has a soul, Buddhism has a deeper and deeper view of everything, only modern science has not yet confirmed their existence.

If people use traditional Chinese culture to study the soul, people will have a deeper insight. Buddhism and Taoism have been soul conscious for thousands of years, using their special methods to see the soul more authentically.

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