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Thousands of enthusiastic students shouted to receive a call from President Trump

US President Donald Trump (Photo: Reuters).

“We are fighting for America,” President Trump said.

Turning Point USA (TPUSA), commonly known as Turning Point, is an American right-wing organization that champions traditional values ​​on high school, college and university campuses. This year’s TPUSA conference was held in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida.

On December 21, President Trump called the students attending the conference and said, “We are fighting for America!” This action on his part made the students extremely surprised and happy.

At the December 21 conference, the conference organizers spoke when there was an incoming call, the conference organizer directed the phone to thousands of students at the scene, the caller was at the edge of the line. The other said, “Kirk (Charlie Kirk – conference host) I’m sorry, I know you’re talking in the middle, but that can’t wait until you finish talking.”

Then Kirk turned on the speaker, put it on the microphone, and asked, “Please ask, who’s on the other end of the line?”

Thousands of students at the scene when they heard President Trump’s familiar voice, everyone started to cheer!

President Trump on the other end of the line said, “Does that sound like an amazing bunch of people?”

Kirk stopped people from cheering with gestures and told President Trump, “Thanks for calling. We have thousands of students here and we are 100% behind you! “.

President Trump replied, “I know you support me 100% and I am very grateful for your support.”

“We are really fighting for America because in this general election we won a landslide victory. Now there are a lot of great MPs fighting for us. The point is, we need a political party that can fight for this. We need the intervention of the Department of Justice and others, we need their support. They all know we won this general election! “.

The students clapped endlessly: “Stay in the White House for another 4 years! Four more years! “

According to the Epoch Times report, nearly 4,000 students attended this year’s America’s Turning Point conference. Last year, President Trump personally attended the conference and phoned to congratulate the year.

On December 11, President Trump said on Twitter that as President of the United States he was only hoping to stop the world from reaching the brink of destruction. Because President Trump and many conservatives have recognized through examples of countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Korea, China … that a country follows the path of socialism or communism. ownership will mean self-destruction.

Steve Bannon, President Trump’s former White House strategist, also said in an interview with The Epoch Times’ Cross Road program that the current struggle may be the only major one.

Mr. Steve Bannon has also said he is a fan of The Epoch Times and NTD English.

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