Touched by the blind dog still lying guard his master’s grave for 5 years,

The photo of a blind dog lying flat on the ground, directed his eyes to the distance and the touching story behind, took away many tears.

The story tells the story of a loyal dog 15 years of life, after the death of its owner, visiting and caring for the house and its grave for 5 years.

After seeing the photo and reading the whole story, many netizens could not hold back tears, many people thought of the famous Japanese dog Hachiko and compared it to Hachiko Vietnam.

Here’s the full story the photo owner tells about a loyal 15-year-old dog.


She was 15, the old age of a whore. In the first ten years of his life, nothing is worth mentioning that he gave birth to his owner 6 children from each batch and 6 children each, plump and beautiful as pictures.

His owner is two officials who retired when he was not born … his children, his grandparents did not sell, but to neighboring neighbors, so he and the crowded children became a team. effective protection of a small neighborhood … where there are people … who consider their mother and son to be true friends …

Then a terrible accident struck his life … The owner and his wife died from a dangerous illness … The children of his owner were all working in Saigon … The funeral was over to take together .. The incense smoke from the owner’s children asks the neighboring aunt to take care of them … while the part of her takes care of the owner’s house and grave …

Then in the days that followed people got used to being away from home and being an old bitch … and no one noticed her being away from home in the morning from 7 to 8 in the morning. 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.… sunny and rainy. It was only 3 months later that it was discovered … It turned out that when he was away from home, he lay down next to his owner’s grave, over ‘1 km. Since then, its owner’s house has had a lot of people passing by … sweeping for him the alley – the yard, especially his food bowl is always clean and full of delicious food … Day after day. month after month, year after year, year after year, the image of the old slut walking between the grave and her owner’s house has become familiar to this ngoc villager … who also pity and sympathy for him … black eyes that were turning white are now opaque white … her eyes are gone.

His steps are not agile either … there is another one that everyone realizes is not walking by the side of the road like before, but in the middle of the path … his eyes are completely blind …

Pedestrians avoid it, bicycles give way, cars stop to let it pass…. It is also strange that when it comes to the intersection adjacent to the national road he always stops and we can listen and listen and when he walks hard on the motorway part there is no car working. pass… and those who love him… followed him closely at his feet, arms outstretched like a policeman making the safe way for an important figure to pass….

Almost a month ago on the road outside the owner’s grave he was caught in a sudden thunderstorm … a resident found him lying on the side of the road … been brought home and treated like a real patient then he passed a critical crisis … but his four paws no longer have the power to bring him down to his mistress’s grave …

Today I visited him, he could no longer wag his tail. 2 jets of water at the corners of his eyes flowed denser, his eyes no longer had vitality. A sad sadness invaded my soul, suddenly my tears kept on falling and it was hard to click on some pictures … and now I am posting for you to see them: He is, 15 years old Five years of traveling for himself occupy the grave and the owner’s house … She’s an old bitch! “

My eyes are so sad ”

In fact, this story was shared a long time ago, but the meaning it gives is never old. The loyalty of the dog has always made people admire. He is not selfish, greedy and calculating, and he is only loyal to his owner.

Dogs are human friends forever!

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