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Trump criticizes $3.5 trillion budget resolution as a ‘Communist Plan’Destroy America’

Former President Donald Trump strongly criticized the Senate Democrats’ approval of a controversial budget resolution early Wednesday morning (August 11, US time). This budget resolution will allow Democrats to pass a $3.5 trillion spending plan by the end of September without the support of any Republicans.

In the early morning of August 11, the US Senate voted to approve the $3.5 trillion budget resolution with 50 votes in favor, 49 votes against. Senator Mike Rounds (Republican, South Dakota) was unable to vote because of personal business. Democrats use this non-binding resolution to shape the push for spending on family, health and environmental services programs.

Former President Donald Trump immediately issued a warning: “While you all were asleep, the Radical Democrats pushed ahead with what would become the infamous $3.5 trillion Communist Plan. to Destroy America. This legislative action is an attack on our country, [attack] on our communities and [attack] on the American Dream.”

Mr. Trump said the Democratic plan would destroy “our borders and our laws by granting dangerous amnesty [to illegal immigrants] that would [bring illegal immigrants] to the ground.” flooded the beautiful cities of America. [Immigration] will flood our schools and make our country less safe.”

The former president also asserted that the Democratic Party’s budget plan would “increase taxes to levels we’ve never seen before, while also making many of the things you buy every day (gasoline, groceries and many other items) other) becomes more expensive. And don’t forget the extreme Green New Deal. People of America, you are being robbed in the dark. It’s time to wake up!”

In tune with Mr. Trump, the vast majority of Republicans argued that the $3.5 trillion budget proposal put forward by the Democrats was a waste of money, raising taxes hurt the economy, stimulating the economy. likes inflation and legitimizes far-left appeals that will hurt the American people.

Passing the $3.5 trillion budget resolution is the first step for Democrats toward bypassing the 60-majority requirement in the Senate to approve this massive spending bill. According to The Hill, Democrats are expected to vote on the $3.5 trillion spending bill by the end of September, before the end of fiscal year 2021. The fiscal year in the US usually begins on October 1. annual.

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