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Trump: Media and Democrats Collusion Was the Beginning of Communism

On July 20, former US President Donald Trump accused America’s left-wing mainstream media channels of covering up bad news about Mr. Biden, the Democratic President. He criticized the media’s “collusion” relationship with Mr Biden and the Democratic Party, which marked the beginning of communism.

Former President Donald Trump at CPAC (Video screenshot)
On Tuesday (July 20), President Trump accepted an interview from Michael Savage, a famous American radio host. On Mr. Savage’s podcast, Mr. Trump pointed out that the media’s flattering reports about the Biden administration stand in stark contrast to their inadvertent attacks on himself. “This is collusion,” Trump said. No one has seen such a thing.”

Former President Trump mentioned that during the 2020 election, the left-wing mainstream media declared certain topics to be in the restricted areas. “That was the beginning of communism,” Trump said. That is really… literal communism.”

Regarding the situation after Mr. Biden took office, Mr. Trump pointed out that the media ignored the problem of illegal immigration, the problem of crime pouring into the US, open borders and inflation, etc.

“Honestly, try looking at the media,” Trump said. The media have become closed channels of communication. We no longer have free and open communication channels. They don’t want to hear anything; They don’t want to write about those things.”

In this interview, the former President expressed frustration with Mr. Biden in pushing America to the left.

Mr Trump accused the left-wing mainstream media of failing to hold Mr Biden and the Democrats accountable. “Of course, the news agencies, the media and the big tech companies… they’re just playing around, they just don’t want to talk about those things,” he said.

Mr. Trump also condemned the (pro-communist) media channels for deliberately ignoring any bad news about President Biden. “On the other side, you’ll find the worst ever,” he said. They never want to write about those (bad) things. Unbelievable.”

On July 18, Mr. Trump also issued a special statement, condemning the current dire state of the United States as a result of the Democratic Party’s open borders policy. He said:

“Crime in our country is escalating at an unprecedented rate. At the same time, people are flooding into our borders without restriction. Prisons in other countries are being emptied, but they’re pouring into the United States. This is much worse than the Fake Election that anyone can imagine!”

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