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TT Biden “ready to work with Beijing when it benefits America”

In his speech on Thursday, February 4, President Joe Biden said he was willing to work with the Chinese government as long as it would benefit the United States, Breitbart reported.

“We are ready to work with Beijing when it benefits the United States,” he said in a State Department speech about the new administration’s diplomatic approach.

The president vowed to fight against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) abuses in economics, human rights, intellectual property and global governance, but Mr. Biden’s approach was completely different from that of former President Donald Trump.

“We will also be directly confronted with the challenges to our prosperity, security and democratic values posed by our most serious competitor, China,” Biden said.

In his speech, the president repeatedly spoke about restoring US diplomatic status in the world in order to influence his role as a world leader and compete with China.

Mr. Biden pledged to start reforming the role of the United States in international institutions; regained the prestige and moral authority of the nation, which he said had been largely lost.

Biden said that only after the United States takes the lead on issues such as climate change will other countries be inspired to voluntarily reduce their carbon footprint.

“If our workers and our intellectual property are protected, no nation on earth, not China or any other country on this earth, can be equal to ours,” he said.

In his speech, Biden did not mention that the CCP was hiding information about the corona virus and failed to stop the global spread of the pandemic. He also did not specifically criticize China for its acts of suppressing democracy in Taiwan.

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