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TT Trump: It is very difficult for the Electoral College to support Biden

President Trump (Reuters video screenshots)

On November 26, President Trump said after his Thanksgiving announcement at the White House, “It’s very difficult for [the Electoral College] to support Biden because we all know there was a scam. big tissue… If they [approved of Biden], they would have made a mistake because this election was manipulated ”.

As usual, scheduled for December 14, the US Congress will hold an Electoral College meeting to determine the presidential election results in 50 states.

Under US law, each state is an electoral college. The number of voters or “voters” in the Electoral College will be the same number of 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 senators of the United States Parliament, plus 3 of the voters of the special district. Washington DC, for a total of 538 people, equates to 538 electoral votes.

“So now it depends on whether I can catch up with the time – because our time [to win] is very tight, other advantages are on our side. And the truth is on our side too. This is a large scale electoral fraud. This should never happen in our country, ”President Trump said.

“I think a lot will happen between now and January 20. So far, large-scale frauds have been discovered … This election is not yet over. See, we’re getting results, if you watch the Pennsylvania State Parliament hearing on November 25 – lots of results are coming. We still have a long way to go.

“So I think you’ll see something. I think it will be a very important story… It is the most important story of our time ”.

President Trump also referred to the fraudulent activities of the Biden Group which brought us to “in a third world country … We are using election material which can be hacked.” They said it was only minor bugs, how many small bugs were found? … Either way, the votes have been changed from President Trump to Biden and most of the “little mistakes” haven’t changed from Biden to TT Trump.

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