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Twitter permanently locks President Trump’s account

President Donald Trump (photo: Reuters).
2 hours ago, Twitter announced that it would permanently lock US President Donald Trump’s account.

On January 8 (US time) Twitter announced:

“After a close review of recent Tweets from @realDonaldTrump and its surroundings… we locked the account permanently due to the increased risk of inciting violence.

Amid the horrific events [that took place] this week, we made it clear on Wednesday January 6 that a continued violation of Twitter’s rule could result in this action. Our public interest rules exist [and] allow the public to hear directly from elected officials and world leaders. It is based on the principle that the people have the right to hold power openly.

However, we made it clear years ago that these accounts cannot exceed our rules and cannot use Twitter to incite violence … We will continue to be transparent about our policies. and their execution. “

Mr. Trump’s account has been locked (Photo: Twitter screenshot)
Twitter then quoted two tweets from President Trump that they said “incite violence.”

“The 75 million Great American Patriots who voted for me, MAKE America FIRST and MAKE America BACKGROUND, there will be a BIG VOICE going forward. They will not be looked down upon or treated unfairly in any form or method !!! “

“To everyone who has asked, I will not be attending the opening on January 20.”

Twitter argued that in the aftermath of the Capitol bombings, these two tweets could incite violence.

Before that, after several attacks on the Capitol on January 6, Mr. Trump had urged protesters gathered near the US Congress building to “return home in peace.”

In a Twitter post, President Trump wrote: “I call on everyone in the US Congressional Palace to keep the peace. No violence! Remember, WE are the Law and Order Party – respect the law and our great [male and female police officers]. Thank you!”.

He then posted a video clip with the message: “We must keep the peace. So let’s go home ”. However, Twitter and other social media sites have deleted this clip.

Twitter made its decision two days after banning Mr. Trump’s account from posting for 12 hours on January 6.

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