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Twitter suspends accounts of professors criticizing the CCP and President Xi Jinping

A university professor in New Zealand announced her Twitter account has been temporarily suspended after criticizing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and President Xi Jinping.

Mr. Xi Jinping. (Photo: photocosmos1/ Shutterstock)

“It seems Twitter has forgotten that they don’t work for Xi Jinping,” wrote professor Anne-Marie Brady from the University of Canterbury on Twitter after access to her account was restored on Thursday. /7.

Brady is a China expert who was once a fierce critic of the CCP. She said a few posts last week was enough for Twitter to begin implementing the ban. The posts were marked “unavailable” over the weekend, and her account was subsequently suspended, Brady shared in a series of tweets.

Brady said Twitter has now allowed her to use it again after the temporary suspension.

“Opening my work laptop this morning, I was greeted by a message from Twitter: ‘Welcome back’ appeared on the screen, as if I was the one who had left the platform.” , she wrote on Twitter with a screenshot of the message.

Brady also shared a photo in the post that she says prompted Twitter to issue the ban.

“Episode: This is my Party and I will cry if I want to,” she wrote in a post, which suggested an alternative title for an article about the 100th anniversary of the CCP’s founding.

Edward Lucas, a journalist with The Times, defended Brady in an article titled: “Twitter must not succumb to Beijing’s pressure”.

“The internet is seen as the factor that helps bring us freedom, but China is turning it into a great oppressor.”

Lucas wrote: “After I appealed to a Twitter fanatic and filed 13 complaints, her account was reinstated. The less prominent victims of Chinese censorship have less chance of being addressed.”

In the article, Lucas said Twitter did not explain why it suspended Brady’s account.

“Brady just received an automated warning that she may have ‘violated’ the rules of the social media platform,” he wrote.

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