Two things Beijing wants the world to mistake for China

The Chinese government over the past decades has exchanged many concepts. The confusion that Beijing has inflicted on the world has made the process of protesting against this brutal government disoriented and ineffective.

China or Chinese government?

When it comes to the governments of Japan, France, USA … people usually assume they are referring to these countries. Because in ordinary countries the government is elected by the people, it actually represents those countries. When it comes to the Chinese government, most people also understand by default that it is China.

However, the Chinese government has been held solely by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for over 70 years. The members of the CCP are not chosen by the Chinese, nor is the government elected by the people, so it is not representative of the Chinese country. Thus, the CCP government is not synonymous with the people or the country of China.

Since the Nationalist Party’s seizure of power until now, the internal persecution of most groups of people in China, with neighboring countries still showing an aggressive stance. Today, they also show the fragility of international relations. For developed countries, it is the theft of technology, for developing countries, it is taking advantage of resources, polluting the environment, promoting dictatorship and corruption. Therefore, the general public opinion of the world is often aversion, even anger, towards the Chinese government.

The country of China has a history of 5000 years with the first level of civilization in the world, is transmitted from 3 major religions: Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism. World history often regards China as a land of ritual (ritual of the chi state). Dignity, integrity and morality are still highly valued in Chinese culture in particular and in East Asia in general. Chinese culture is based on respect for God Buddha, while the CCP is atheist. Therefore, the nature of the CCP is completely contrary to true Chinese culture.

After only a few decades of CCP rule, especially the Great Cultural Revolution, which literally meant cultural destruction. Along with the policy of controlling freedom of thought, the morality of the Chinese people is slipping more and more. They are also the most dissonant group of people going overseas and producing the world’s most toxic products. Therefore, more and more people assimilate this, not only is the CCP government ugly, but the Chinese people are also bad. Even the psychology of Chinese factor hatred which when it comes to “deep Nho”, instead of being understood as “deep, Nhuan” is now understood as “deep”. When it comes to Han, Tang, Song … it is easy to associate the dynasties which know only domination, instead of seeing that human civilization reached its peak in many aspects during these periods. It is difficult to know that the CCP itself has caused immorality and is the real villain.

Chinese Red Guards shot down idols and Buddha statues during the Cultural Revolution (photo: china-underground).

However, in the one-way propaganda policy, the CCP has exchanged many concepts between the Chinese people and nation and the CCP. In any group persecuting one group, the CCP also incites others to participate in the persecution of the other group. In the past, farmers denounced farmers, workers denounced factory owners, all the people defamed their intellectuals, defamed their beliefs, destroyed temples … In recent years, the whole people were dragged along. Defamatory Falun Gong, Tibetan Buddhist Buddhists, Uyghurs, House Catholics, independent journalists and honest lawyers.

Chinese people from one group to another are persecuted, but they are trained to persecute the other group, while defending the CCP. The CCP government also forces the Chinese into a habit, that anyone who speaks the truth about the persecution, the truth about the CCP, is disguised as “undermining stability”, “reactionary”. or “anti-China foreign powers”. In other words, the persecutor hid behind the concept of nation and country, which the Chinese must defend, and it is difficult for the world to distinguish the evil.

The CCP also constantly propagates the image of Japan as a villain, and America is still plotting to destroy China. The Chinese have been brainwashed, ready to take to the streets to burn American flags and burn Japanese cars. Even when the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic hit Japan and the United States, many Chinese people displayed banners and lit firecrackers to celebrate. Therefore, many Americans, who often speak out for human rights in China, are easily opposed by the Chinese themselves, at least claiming that there is a “conspiracy to undermine stability.” They cannot understand that only the CCP can cause real instability and destruction. In fact, this so-called “foreign power”, just where the CCP directs people’s anger in times of need, is also a factor to blame for many of the problems it causes.

The second largest economy in the world?

By 2010, the Chinese economy had reached the second largest in the world. Not only does the Chinese government regularly propagate about it to prove its “right” and its “great”. The overwhelming majority of Chinese people and around the world also recognize that this is the great achievement of the Chinese nation under the leadership of the CCP. But when we consider some of the factors, we can better understand the nature of the problem.

The first is how to calculate GDP (gross domestic product). GDP is the total value of products produced in an economy. It includes the value created by foreign companies operating in that country, usually annually. For example, the Apple company is located in China, with revenues of hundreds of billions of USD / year calculated as the GDP of China. But the profits belong to the Americans, and even many Apple accessory makers come from Taiwan, not mainland China. China mainly comes from the production of small accessories, taxes and workers’ wages.

Thus, GDP does not reflect the essential interests of a country, let alone the benefits that the people of that country actually enjoy. In 2019, China’s GDP per capita is $ 9,965 / person / year. Thus, a family of 4 in China has an average income of 39,860 USD, or more than 900 million VND per year. Chinese and international media often refer to these indicators as the actual income of the Chinese people today.

One thing that is very different from other big economies is that although China has the title of “the second largest economy in the world”, millions of Chinese still work as workers in all employers. school in the world. In the country, according to statistics from, the average income of workers in China in 2019 is $ 250-450 / month in major cities, in inland areas it is less than $ 200 / month. Thus, most families of 2 workers and 4 people in China have an income of 4,800 to 10,800 USD / year, or 1,200 to 2,700 USD / year / person. In fact, only 12-27% compared to the number of Chinese authorities and the world often say, not to mention the trade-off with the world’s worst environmental pollution.

Screenshot of China Uncensored’s Youtube commentary video on the pollution situation in China.

Of course, there are a lot of Chinese who have also gotten rich over the years. But according to the World Bank, around 373 million Chinese still live below the poverty line. The richest people in China today are not entrepreneurs, but high officials. When many senior CCP officials are investigated for corruption, their immense wealth is known. Zhou Yongkang, a former permanent member of the CCP’s Central Politburo and his hands and feet, was confiscated with a fortune of $ 14.5 billion. Billionaire Quach Van Quy has revealed that the Jiang Zemin family also owns total assets of up to $ 1,000 billion worldwide. As such, the beneficiaries of rights and interests in China are mainly CCP officials.

Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin in an AP News Agency documentary video (Youtube screenshot).

The Chinese people are still famous for their trading abilities. If the Chinese government is only to let people do business freely, the Chinese economy will prosper on its own. This is due to the ability of the people themselves, not to the CCP’s “leadership”. In other words, if the wealth of the Chinese people is assumed to be similar to that of the Taiwanese, the current Chinese economy is almost twice that of the United States. The Chinese people and countries are also positively enabling the world in many ways, not as bad as today. But due to the control of freedom of thought, current Chinese creativity is very limited. The advanced technologies used by the Chinese economy primarily from forced transfers of foreign companies and espionage, or, colloquially, thefts and thefts.

China’s GDP growth rate in 2019 also fell to 6.1%, which is not half the highest growth rate in the past 30 years. Under the current pandemic epidemic, domestic consumption and exports are declining, the Chinese economy in 2020 may even collapse. This is also what the CCP fears the most, as it often uses economic development to paint the rote leader. Despite the risk of recurrence of the disease, the Chinese government still has to risk pushing all of society to, in, in, it is production.
In fact, compared to the history of China, it is still today is the period of the Chinese economy and is part of the lowest total GDP in the world. According to a summary from, Tang period GDP accounts for 58% of total world GDP, while Song dynasty accounts for 80%. Chinese GDP is currently only 17% of total world GDP, but even so, as analyzed above, the Chinese kesente is only a small part.


China, the country with the most glorious civilization in human history. The Chinese nation has indeed witnessed to humanity many achievements in ethical philosophy, culture and technology. But in just a few decades, a great country, a great people suddenly destroyed, instead of violence, lies and cruelty, it has enormous destructive power over the world. . Dictatorship, corruption, toxic substances, even pandemic are also the inevitable consequences that the CCP, through the power to become Chinese, spreads around the world, ultimately destroying the civilized world. species.

The confusion of basic Chinese concepts of the country and the people with the CCP has been a pervasive problem. It also speeds up the process of the CCP’s destruction of the world, and it will be impossible to mobilize the power of the Chinese people and the whole world to destroy the evil enemy. Clearly distinguishing the concept of China is also an important part of the process of getting rid of the destruction of the evil CCP and ultimately eradicating it.

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