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U.S. election: multiple fraud issues detected in Clark County, official sued

Residents of Nevada rally outside a government agency calling for an end to election theft (Youtube / NTDAPTV screenshots).

On November 16, Nevada County Clark overturned the county councilor election and demanded a new vote. Although the election of the council takes place in the same ballot as the presidential election, the election of the president has always passed. This after the announcement caused a great uproar.

In response to the event, President Trump tweeted, “Great victory minutes ago in the state of Nevada. Running all Democrats on the same ballot as the president was ruled out due to the large-scale electoral gap. Clark County officials also don’t trust their own election security. Great effect! “.

Adam Laxalt – the former head of the Justice Department also tweeted: “The Clark County Commission just overturned election results representing one sixth of the county vote. Because there are so many electoral differences, it is impossible to guarantee election results. This election has a total of 153,000 votes ”. Many lawyers say Clark County has serious electoral issues and will go to court.

According to Clark County statistics, 77.63% of voters in the county participated in this year’s general election. In which, the presidential election has been the greatest attention. In that county, President Trump won 420,930 votes, behind Democratic candidate Joe Biden with 521,852 votes, a difference of 90,922 votes.

Statewide, according to Associated Press statistics, on Monday, November 16, President Trump closed the gap with Mr. Biden in Nevada by a difference of 33,596.

At a special local committee meeting in Clark County on November 16, two prominent voters spoke out on the election issue. In the end, however, the commission only recommended holding special elections for the county commissioner’s seats in Constituency C, but still confirmed the results, including the general election system results.

Clark County many unusual issues
At a special local committee meeting on Monday, Mr. Joe Gloria, the Clark County voter registration officer, reported to the County Sea Committee, of which 936 were questionable. , including 710 mail-in ballots, 121 advance polls, 105 polling day ballots, in addition to voting.

These problematic votes have to do with the authenticity of the ballot, the manual signature and the process of “modifying the vote”, the report said. There are also issues with early voting and voting on Election Day, such as accidentally spoiled ballots, voters having registration issues, weird errors, and registration errors.

In addition, data from the official Clark County website showed that the county had 60,114 votes pending approval (provisional ballots, questionnaires with questions) of which 57,869 such votes were approved, 2,245 votes were rejected.

But at the meeting, the data provided by Mr. Joe Gloria did not match that of the authorities. He said the number of votes pending approval for the county was 60,109, of which 57,866 were approved and 2,243 rejected.

Of the rejected approval votes, he said 115 people had voted more than once; 142 people took the wrong ballot in the enclosure; 8 people do not have the right to vote; 1,925 people are not registered to vote; 53 people did not provide full residency certification.

However, before that, many voters in Clark County told the Epoch Times reporter they faced an unfair election.

Not only that, after official polling day 3/11, local voters and Clark County supervisors stepped forward to tell the Epoch Times reporter that indeed there had been voter fraud and big lies. scale in this county, including manual fraud, ballot theft, official ballots changed to pending ballots, preventing supervisors from reviewing votes, irregular ballots legally, voter sends many votes, the voter signature is not confirmed, the green card holder becomes an active voter …

President Trump also spoke, the state of Nevada is a dirty land with bogus votes.

Matt Schlapp, local campaign representative for President Trump and chairman of the US Conservative Coalition, said that in Nevada, more than 600,000 ballots were mailed out without confirmation. sign, even a fraudulent situation like “vote of the dead” appears.

Prosecute Clark County Registration Officer

Nevada attorney Craig Muller said in an interview with NTDTV on Nov. 16 that he was prepared to sue Mr. Joe Gloria from the registry.

“We believe in the foundations of democracy and the voters believe that the elected official is entitled to vote,” Muller said. If the elected is not authorized by the voters, the legality of the elected will be questioned. Therefore, the American people are very interested in their election, the right to vote and the rules of the election.

“This year, the head of state (Nevada) allowed voters to mail ballots on short notice without the consent of the public. It is a decision that the head of state diplomacy rarely makes. Because under Nevada state law, you must verify the voter signature to allow voters to vote. The signature is very important in Western culture and it is as important as the fingerprints. Therefore, voters can only be allowed to vote after signature correspondence.

However, with today’s postal ballots forcing them to verify hundreds of thousands of signatures in a short period of time, that’s a problem. They are trying to use artificial intelligence software to validate the signature. However, the AI ​​software could not validate these signatures, resulting in the cancellation of a large number of votes.

Lawyer Muller said it was a big deal. Voters discovered that they had participated in the election, but their votes did not count. Currently, he has received at least hundreds of complaints.

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