Unbelievable facts about spiders

Spiders are a bit of a scary-looking animal, so some people will love them, but there will also be many who hate them. Not only that, spiders are also mysterious predators. Here are facts about spiders.

1. Spiders cannot eat solid foods. Due to possessing a rather special digestive system, spiders cannot eat solid foods. Instead, they inject saliva and cause the soft tissues of their prey to melt and absorb nutrients.

2. Spider’s blood turns blue when exposed to oxygen. Spider blood contains a lot of copper-derived hemocyanin, so it turns dark green when exposed to oxygen in the air.

3. Spiders can control blood pressure to help it jump. Spiders are one of the world’s strangest movement species when it not only uses muscle tendons but also knows how to control blood pressure to help the body move. Specifically, when the spider wants to jump, the spider will increase the hemolymph blood pressure in the legs to increase the pressure in the joints to make it bounce and help the spider jump.

4. Spiders have no backbone. Spiders have no backbone. Instead, they possess a bone-like sclera that encloses organs and blood vessels.

5. Spiders eat their own silk and recycle new silk. If the old spider silk is not too dirty, the “owner” will eat it up and recycle completely new silk.

6. Spiders can live in water. Thanks to the soft hair surrounding the body, some spiders can build “diving bell” nests to help them live underwater.

7. Antarctica has no spiders. Because the climate in Antarctica is too cold, spiders will die if they stay here because they cannot carry out metabolism.

8. Spiders are also vegetarian. Kipling is a “special” species in the world of spiders when their main food is acacia shoots. However, sometimes this spider also eats the larvae of other species.

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