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US actor: Biden’s cowardice in Afghanistan will push Taiwan to be the next victim

On Tuesday (August 17, US time), actor James Woods, known as a critic of President Joe Biden and his administration, wrote on his personal Twitter that the US weakness in the event The fall of Kabul will push Taiwan to become the next victim.

“Next will be Taiwan. Biden’s cowardice in Afghanistan is like blood spilling into the water to attract the sharks running communist China. They will eat him alive and spit out his false teeth,” wrote actor James Woods.

China also appears to be planning to target Taiwan, the democratic island nation that Beijing has long considered as its far offshore territory and has not ruled out bringing it back under Party rule. Communism, even by force.

On Monday (August 16), seizing the opportunity of the Biden administration to “hand over” Afghanistan to the Taliban, the Global Times – a member of the People’s Daily, an agency of the Chinese Communist Party – published an article. The editorial warned Taiwan that it would be abandoned by its US ally in a clash with mainland China.

The Global Times opened the polemic with the affirmation: “The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan led to the rapid collapse of the Kabul government. The world has seen the US evacuate its diplomatic staff by helicopter, while Taliban soldiers have flocked to the presidential palace in Kabul. This deals a heavy blow to America’s credibility and credibility.”

The Communist Party of China newspaper then relayed on the US withdrawal from Vietnam more than four decades ago: “Many people cannot help but reminisce about the end of the Vietnam War in 1975: America abandoned allies in South Vietnam; Saigon was taken over; The US then evacuated most of its citizens from Saigon.

The Global Times then mentioned Taiwan: “The way Washington abandoned the Kabul regime was especially shocking for some parties in Asia, including the island of Taiwan. Taiwan is the most dependent territory for American protection in Asia, and officials in the island’s Democratic Progressive Party are leading Taiwan further and further down this unusual path. The situation in Afghanistan changed fundamentally after the country was abandoned by the United States. And Washington left despite the worsening situation in Kabul. Isn’t this a bad omen for the future fate of Taiwan?”

The Global Times said of Taiwan’s leaders: “They must be very nervous and have a feeling that something is ominous. They must know better than anyone else that America is not to be trusted.”

Facing speculation about the situation of the Taiwan Strait amid instability in Afghanistan and “provocative” from mainland Chinese media, on Tuesday (August 17), Taiwan Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang (August 17) To Trinhchang) voiced his assertion that Taiwan would not collapse like Afghanistan in the event of an attack. Mr. Su also issued an indirect warning to neighboring China that it should not be “illusioned” to think it can take over the island.

When asked if the president or prime minister of Taiwan would flee if “the enemy is at the gate” like in Afghanistan, To said that people are not afraid of being caught or killed.

“Today, there are powerful countries that want to swallow Taiwan by force, and similarly, we are not afraid of being killed or imprisoned,” To said. We have to protect this country and this land.”

What happened in Afghanistan shows that if a country is in internal turmoil, no outside help will make a difference, and Taiwanese must trust their homeland. their homeland, that they can protect themselves, Taiwan’s prime minister added.

The fact that everyone is working together to quickly bring the COVID-19 epidemic under control shows what Taiwan can achieve when united, Mr. To said.

“We also tell foreign forces that want to invade and take over Taiwan: Don’t be delusional,” added Mr. To, referring to China.

The United States, like most other countries, has no formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but is the island nation’s most important arms supplier and international supporter.

However, there have long been concerns in Taiwan that in the event of a Chinese attack, the United States would be unwilling or unwilling to come to the island’s aid.

According to Reuters, President Tsai Ing-wen is pushing an ambitious military modernization program to develop the domestic weapons industry and turn Taiwan into a “hedgehog” equipped with advanced weapons. , with high mobility, to make China’s invasion of the democratic island nation as difficult as possible.

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