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US bombers infiltrate continental airspace: a “difficult message” for the CCP

American B-1B bombers flew over the Pacific for a training session. (Photo via SC)

On November 17, two US B-1B bombers crossed the airspace north of Taiwan, even entered the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone, which was demarcated by China, this action has compelling meaning. a deep threat, showing that the United States is sending “hard” messages to the Beijing government.

In recent times, the US military has frequently made many movements, military planes continually appear in the sky over southwestern Taiwan.

On the same day, 11/17, the aircraft movement tracking Twitter site – “Aircraft Spots” posted a map of the trajectory, as well as the caption line indicating: “Two US B-1B bombers took off from Base of the US Air Force – Guam Anderson, and in the airspace of northern Taiwan. Head to the East China Sea and the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone ”.

During the process, two KC-135 refueling aircraft were used for refueling operations.

Recently, tensions between the United States and China in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea have continued to escalate.

Some analysts believe that the invasion of the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Area by US bombers indicates that the US military is once again sending a strong signal to the CCP.

On November 12, US Strategic Command announced that the US-based B-1B bomber and the Guam base B-1B bomber had conducted attack training. long range, to demonstrate their deployment capabilities in the Indo-Pacific region and around the world.

The scene commander said he was ready to answer the phone and respond to any conflict in the world. Such training can help develop high level conflict strategies, training and procedures for pilots.

On November 14, the US Pacific Fleet Command announced that the USS Reagan had returned to the Japanese port of Yokosuka, also stating that the crew would maintain the levels of training and Combat skills high, be prepared to respond to situations of emergency in the region.

On November 15, the Civil Aviation Surveillance website revealed that over southwest Taiwan, a Chinese military aircraft used the declared emergency frequency: “You entered the airspace. from us, leave immediately, otherwise we will have to leave ”.

They use the bilingual Sino-English form several times. According to the analysis, the action targeted US military aircraft. US military planes responded that they were flying normally in international airspace, having nothing to do with violation of Chinese airspace.

On November 16, an American RC-135W military electronic reconnaissance aircraft took off from the Kadena base in Japan in the South China Sea, to conduct a reconnaissance approach, accompanied by a device. US Air Force aerial refueling flights, completion of aerial refueling operations over southwestern Taiwan. They seem to ignore the harassment by Chinese military planes completely.

On the same day of November 16, a CCP Y-8ASW aircraft also entered the sky over southwestern Taiwan. A U-2S high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft believed to be based in South Korea entered the Yellow Sea to approach the reconnaissance.

Recently, the CCP has also conducted regular military operations, taking turns conducting air defense exercises in coastal areas, including military maneuvers of the air defense naval forces. The southern war zone, over the sea and airspace west of Hainan Island, at the end of October.

On November 16, the Guangdong Maritime Safety Bureau issued a “maritime warning”. Expected from November 17 to 30, drilling will be carried out in a demarcated area in the South China Sea. Some sources said it was related to the CCP’s new Type 075 amphibious assault ship.

At a time when the general election in the United States is not coming to an end, the United States military seems to be adjusting its strategy, after the new acting Secretary of Defense, Christopher Miller, takes office.

It remains to be seen whether the continued appearance of US military aircraft in the airspace southwest of Taiwan and the invasion of the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone by US military bombers make part of the strategy. New or not?

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