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US intelligence chief: may never know the true origin of COVID-19

President Joe Biden’s top intelligence official said in an interview on Monday (June 21) that the administration may not know the true origin of the coronavirus pandemic, despite extensive evidence the evidence supports the theory that the virus leaked from the lab.

[Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence]

Avril Haines, director of national intelligence, told Yahoo News that the Biden administration may never really be fully confident in its assertions about the origins of the pandemic that has killed millions and devastated platforms. economy worldwide.

Haines insists her team is doing everything possible not only to uncover the origins of the pandemic, but also to find new ways to look at the problem in the hope of finding a breakthrough.

“It is true that the majority of pandemics and novel diseases stem from human contact with animals, but also look at the fact that it comes from the region this lab is working on. coronavirus and you have to look in that direction,” she said. “You can argue either way.”

However, other experts have a very different view from that of Haines – a former Obama administration official.

David Asher, who is leading the Trump administration’s investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, says biostatisticians from the US government have calculated that the odds of the coronavirus developing naturally is 1 over 13 billion. Two European scientists recently explained in an article in The Wall Street Journal that the coronavirus “has no apparent natural ancestor”.

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield has repeatedly stated that he believes that, as the person with top access to intelligence, the coronavirus came from a laboratory. Other scientists have also interpreted clear evidence that the corona virus came from a laboratory.

“We will do our best to find the answer,” Haines said. “But what policymakers hope and expect from me, I think, is that I tell them what we do and what we don’t know, and I don’t try to create something or give them an answer that I think they might like.”

Dr Scott Gottlieb, who is often supported by the media, said last month that evidence pointing to a lab leak had widened while the animal theory of disease had narrowed.

“The challenge now is, the pandemic hypothesis comes from a laboratory that is continuing to expand. The theory that it can come from animals outside of the wild is not really convincing,” Mr. Gottlieb said. He added that his team had carried out an exhaustive search for the so-called “intermediate host” – animals that may have been exposed to the virus before it spread to humans, but were not. find such an animal.

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