Video: Grandmother launched a move, beat the bandit and ran away from her sandals in a duel

This is the old lady who certainly no one wants to anger, Fox News commented.

Recently, a robber in Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia was arrested by the police after trying to steal the old woman’s handbag but failed.

Security cameras showed that the robber ran away after stealing an old woman’s handbag in a bar named Pimpama Tavern. The old lady was organizing a birthday party for me with old friends.

However, having not been able to run far enough, the robber was caught up by a bare-footed woman. The old woman quickly launched the neck swing and the rather large-bodied robber fell to the floor of the parking lot.

Images from the video show, the robber quickly got up and struggled with the old woman. During the “chaos”, he was beaten and knocked out his sandals.

Gold Coast City Police said the 42-year-old robber was beaten by her grandmother without a weapon when committing the crime. The old lady who is believed to have cancer left her shoes in a bar to make it easier to catch and rob.

After a fierce duel, the bandit gave in to the old lady’s tenacity and had to let go of his bag. He rushed into a white truck and fled.

In an act of showing “charisma”, the old woman even threw back the slipper back that he had lost while struggling. The old lady never shouted for help from passersby. However, the robber was quickly arrested by the police because the license plate and face were recorded by the camera.

Because she was sometimes dragged on the ground, the old woman also suffered bruises and mild abrasions.

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