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Video: The US Navy detonated 20 tons of bombs near a super-carrier in the Atlantic Ocean

On June 20, the US Navy posted a video on Twitter, which recorded the exploding scene of 20 tons of bombs in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean near the super carrier USS Gerald R. Ford. This video has attracted about 800,000 views since the time of posting. The explosion was part of the US Navy’s “Full Body Shock Test (FSST)”, designed to test the durability of ships against underwater explosives in combat conditions.


The test was conducted on June 18, about 160km from Daytona beach (Florida), creating a 3.9-magnitude earthquake after the explosion. USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78), the first of a new class of aircraft carriers, has completed the first blast test of the full-ship crash test.

The US Navy said that the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford was “designed using advanced computer modeling methods, testing and analysis to ensure the ship is sturdy enough to withstand the conditions.” combat conditions and these tests provide the data used to confirm the ship’s stiffness and impact resistance.”

While testing of this kind has been conducted with other ships, the latest tests with Ford, its newest and most advanced aircraft carrier, are the first time since 1987 that the US Navy has conducted such tests. crash test with an aircraft carrier. The last crash and shock test, in 1987, involved the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

On Twitter, some Twitter users expressed concern about the potential effects on marine life in the area where the bomb was detonated.

“I hope you guys have tested this in a ‘dead zone’ with no aquatic life. Humans must stop killing corals, mammals, etc. We need a clean ocean,” said user @nazani14.

According to a statement by the “Defense Imaging Information Distribution Service (DVIDS)” site, shock tests are being conducted off the US East Coast in compliance with requirements for minimizing environmental impact, respecting the environment. importance of migratory patterns of marine organisms in the experimental area. The US Navy also took safety measures to protect any service members or civilians involved in the tests, the statement said.

Others also expressed confusion about how the test was funded. User @JanetRWeil said it was a “waste of taxes and resources”.

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