Video:Chased by whales, the penguins jumped on the tourist boat in fear

A Mexican man and his wife witnessed a penguin being chased by a killer whale while both were traveling in Antarctica. Worried for the little penguin’s safety, they breathed a sigh of relief when they saw it jump onto the boat the tourists were sitting on. This whole rare scene was recorded by him.

Matt Karsten (40 years old) is a writer specializing in travel, he joined his 32-year-old wife on tours, excursions to Nanji Island and whale watching in the Strait of Gerlache.

While many tourists sat on a rubber boat, observing and photographing killer whales swimming in the sea, they suddenly saw a small penguin jumping hurriedly across the water, as if try to escape from the pursuit of whales.

Karsten said that initially there were a few killer whales playing in the nearby waters, but the appearance of the young penguin caught the whales’ attention and began to hunt for it.

After a chase, he said, the small penguin tried to jump on a nearby rubber boat. It failed the first time and succeeded the second time.

For those travelers who have witnessed this scene with their own eyes, this is a once in a lifetime experience.

Karsten from Yucatán, Mexico, told the Kennedy News Agency: “It was strange to see it with my own eyes. It was like watching live on National Geographic. I think penguins will feel a sigh of relief. after successful escape “.

Karsten also mentioned that after the little penguin jumped onto the rubber dinghy, the killer whale did not immediately give up. They hovered next to the rubber boat for a while before leaving.

As for the small penguin, it took the tourist a long yacht for a while before jumping back into the ocean. “After traveling for a bit (on a rubber boat), the penguins ‘say goodbye’ and jump into the icy water,” Karsten said.

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