Video:Dog breaks down crying because his owners are forced to sell the cow that raised him

Dogs are very sensitive and loving beings. However, many people fail to understand this. Today we will know the story of little Rookie, a case that has already left thousands of people in tears.

The pup lives with his family on a rural farm in South Korea. Although in that country dogs are not treated as they deserve, fortunately this is not the case with Rookie.

After losing his mother when he was born, the pup had to learn to live without motherly love. Fortunately, he made a very special friend: the cow they had on their farm. That’s how the cow became his real mother and Rookie learned to love her as such.

Unfortunately, one day what everyone feared happened. Rookie’s owners, with very scarce economic resources, had the need to sell their cow. The puppy’s pain was so big that he began to cry. The Rookie owners were heartbroken, but they had no other choice.

Rookie literally couldn’t live without his friend and he even decided to stop eating. So he decided to look for the cow trail. He had to find it! His owners couldn’t believe it when they saw how Rookie managed to use his nose and find the property where his friend was.

Although the puppy breathed again when he saw her, they still could not be together. And his heart broke again! The family couldn’t see the poor animal suffer and decided they had to bring the cow back.

An agreement was made and the cow returned. This time the puppy shed tears of joy! Check out the emotional meeting in the video below:

Animals can always surprise us with their ability to love. Share this emotional story with your friends and family!


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