Video:Handless magician transmission motivation for more than 700 million spectators

Everyone knows that for a great magician, “quick hand” is one of the most important factors.

However, in Canada there is a different magician. Mahdi Gilbert was born in Toronto in 1989, born with a disability, but chose to become a magician. Since first performing magic at the age of 14, this young magician has traveled across 26 countries around the world, bringing hope and strength to more than 700 million audiences with his story.

With a physical disability and a difficult family situation, from birth, Mahdi Gilbert has struggled with loneliness and sadness. He is constantly being tortured by the difference in appearance compared to other ordinary people and always wonders what it means to live.

As a child, Mahdi once heard that “the person who can create miracles is called a magician”, so he became very interested in magic and made a vow: “I will become a magician. Gia ”, even though he had never been exposed to any magic at that time, had never even seen magic programs on TV.

Because of his special condition, Mahdi was always interested by everyone, relatives and friends sincerely loved him, but they still doubted the thought of wanting to become Mahdi’s magician rather than cheering him on. His high school teacher even said bluntly: Do you know how to do magic?

At that time, Mahdi expressed his belief and determination, he replied: Although I do not know now, but sooner or later I will learn.

Mahdi soon began teaching himself magic through internet and television channels, becoming a fan of David Blaine.

But then the more he was exposed to magic, the more frustrated he became: “Oh God, David is so great, how do I get to his level?”

Although Mahdi was aware of his physical impairment, this did not make him fall or give up, because he was aware that in addition to his healthy body, his mental agility and proficiency also played a part. a very important role in magic.

Mahdi began to practice memory by himself, practicing communication and hypnosis techniques by talking with friends, etc.

At the age of 16, Mahdi felt his psychological skills were mature, from which he began to practice his physical skills, he bought a deck of cards and a card book to start day and night. Practise.

“Maybe that time was extremely romantic and unforgettable for me, I tirelessly read the guidebook day and night, tirelessly practiced techniques in the book”. He recalls his experience at the time: “At first I was completely confused, but failure was my mother succeeded. Although the progress is slow, at first if I don’t leave the card on the ground I can’t even deal, then things get better. ”

Finally, thanks to his austerity training that in March 2010, Mahdi participated in the San Diego Magic Congress, he attracted the attention of many people for his specialness, including the idol David Blaine he admires. After watching Mahdi perform, Mr. David praised him as “my inspiration.”

Since first participating in magic shows at the age of 14, Mahdi has carried magic across 26 countries around the world, bringing hope and strength to more than 700 million audiences with his story.

It was the magic of “making the impossible possible” that helped Mahdi, making him feel as though there was nothing he could not do, finding faith in himself and in life!

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