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Videos of dozens of ballot boxes were delivered to the Michigan counting center in the early morning of November 4.

The scene of cartons was delivered to the counting center in Michigan early in the morning on November 4, 2020. (Photo: Video screen capture)

Recently, Gateway Pundit has released two videos believed to have a large number of ballot boxes being delivered (outside of ballot hours) to the TCF Center, where the November 2020 presidential election tally in Michigan.

On Tuesday’s US Election Day (Nov. 3), President Trump led Joe Biden in the fluctuating state of Michigan with more than 100,000 votes. This appears to be another sure win for Mr. Trump in Michigan with a margin greater than that of 2016. The vote count in Detroit, Michigan on election night took place at the TCF Center, formerly known as the Society. Cobo School. This is the site where Detroit city officials put screens on windows to prevent Republican observers from seeing, where the vote counters are hostile to Republican observers, and is where hundreds of affidavits by election observers claim they have witnessed voter fraud.

At least 3 election observers have sworn to testify that they witnessed the vehicles transporting the fraudulent ballots to the TCF Center early in the morning on November 4.

Michigan resident Shane Trejo witnessed the Biden Ballot Box at 3:30 am helping his vote to rise dramatically. “There are thousands of ballots in each box,” said Trejo. At least 50 boxes I saw were unloaded at 3:30 am, which is after 8pm – the deadline for the ballots to appear. ”

3:30 am was the first turnaround since 10:30 p.m. when 138,000 ballot papers suddenly appeared. Shane then testified that he noticed the city’s Detroit Secretariat and its logo written on the small white truck appeared with ballot boxes. The name of City Clerk Janice Winfrey is displayed on the truck and several other names are presumably from Janet Winfrey’s office. Trejo said that these new ballots could not be processed when they arrived, so they were counted when a new employee tally shifted in for the day.

After these votes, Mr. Joe Biden took the lead in Michigan.

Michigan ballot chart

Shane Trejo explains the importance of time. The Biden Ballot Box tally took place at the end of the shift, so those ballots were not counted. So when it came to the new ballot shift, these employees didn’t know where the ballot came from.

Trejo repeatedly asked the construction site supervisors about this truck but was NOT given INFORMATION.

Former Michigan State Senator Pat Colbeck was also present at the TCF Center on the morning of November 4. Sen. Colbeck also witnessed the Biden Ballot Box at 3:30 am. Colbeck told The Gateway Pundit in November, “I went back there and saw a van with the Detroit Elections logo on the side of the car and its ID number on it… And within it, and this sparked some discussion about the supply chain (vote), there is no indication that there is a Republican and a Democrat (present) in the transfer process. We don’t know if they would drop by a small street on Coney Island and pick up a few more ballots during the transfer. We have no way to verify any of that information. ”

Michigan authorities and media are completely uninterested in following this shocking story. Until today, no one bothered to watch the video recording from the TCF Center on election night.

Gateway Pundit requested TCF video recording in December 2020 and said:

“The TCF was trying to quote us more than $ 22,000 per day video. We require 2 hours of video. Last Friday, we were sent the requested video. Since last week, we have been watching over hundreds of hours of security camera footage recorded from TCF Center on the morning of November 4. And what we found was a political problem that caused a stir.

** At 3:23 a.m., Gateway Pundit had an exclusive video of a white Detroit-registered van going into the entrance to the TCF Center.

** At 3:25 a.m., we spotted video from the 2nd camera showing the 3 people unloading more than 50 ballot boxes in the hallway inside the TCF Building and just outside the polling booth.

** The ballots are then transferred onto a cart into the counting room.

** The van truck seen on the video leaves the center about 25 minutes later.

** Then we saw the van coming back an hour later, entering the TCF Center again and unloading more ballot boxes.

** White van truck escorted by a black sports car on both turns.

** The white van van was allowed through an electronic gate to enter the TCF complex.

Here is video evidence of the fraud in Detroit, Michigan. It is exactly what the Republican observers described to us in November 2020! We have more conviction video from TCF Center for release in the coming days. Here’s our video on election fraud at the Detroit TCF Center on election night: ”

Exclusive: New Video Shows Late Night Deliveries of Thousands of Illegal Ballots to Michigan Arena

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