Video:The war between pandas and boar’in China has made netizens laugh

Recently,a battle between “Panda” ” and “wild boar” has recently attracted attention on Chinese social networks.

According to NTD, a few days ago, in front of a shopping mall in Yxing, Jiangsu, China, two staff members dressed in ‘panda’ and ‘wild boar’ dolls, were suspected of having a dispute that led to impulses. body sudden. Because there was no time to take off the costume, this fight became very fun, causing netizens to laugh.

The video of the encounter was posted on Weibo on May 10th. The image shows the “panda” and “wild boar” hugging and fighting fiercely. The “Panda” repeatedly launched its short legs at the “Boar”, while the “Boar” was holding a broom and swept into “Panda”.

This unusual fighting video has caused many laughter on the Internet, netizens left a teasing message.

Seriously, this is a fight!

Another asked: In other words, if a wild boar meets a panda in fact, which one is better?

The doll’s fighting video was also circulated on Twitter, sparking heated discussions: “Kung Fu Panda is awesome.”

Someone said that this “much safer than boxing with gloves”.

However, some netizens also revealed that this was a performance by a business to attract attention.

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