Vietnam has a strange fruit like a combination of peach, persimmon and milkweed

This fruit has a strange name no less than its appearance.

Strange fruits always attract the curiosity of many Vietnamese internet users. Recently, on TikTok appeared more clips recording the scene of breaking a fruit with the characteristic red and orange colors on the tree. The person who posted the video did not forget to quiz the netizens to see what this fruit is?

In the comments section, many TikTok accounts shared that they lived for decades, but this is the first time seeing this result. Others quickly realized that the fruit was pink velvet peach – a specialty that often grows in the Southwest region.

Pink velvet peach is a species of tree belonging to the Thi family, in many places also known as velvet persimmon, mau this, the hair, or velvet apple. The reason it is so-called is that its shape is similar to that of a peach, and the skin is covered with velvety smooth silk.

Pink velvet peach

Persimmon trees usually give fruit around October – November of the lunar calendar, each branch can give 3-4 fruits. Persimmon velvet when ripe is dark red, when eaten, it is necessary to rub off the hair, then peel it to eat.

The taste of this fruit is considered sweet. The flesh of the fruit is soft white, the seeds are black like milkweed seeds. Many people who have tried it commented that it has a sweet and acrid taste like Da Lat’s crispy persimmon. Therefore, Westerners often wait for it to be fully cooked before enjoying it.

The taste of this fruit is considered sweet.

In the Southwest region, this fruit appears a lot in Soc Trang province, especially in the campus of many temples like the other TikTok video posted. Trees are often grown mainly for shade. Only in recent years, this fruit has been sought after because of the spread of good health benefits.

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