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What scenario for America if Joe Biden is elected president?

The 2020 US election is approaching very close, after the first debate between President Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, the victory appears to be in Trump’s favor, but it is not over yet. the story still can’t be finished People may wonder, if Joe Biden and Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris are elected, what will America be like?

Kịch bản nào cho nước Mỹ nếu Joe Biden đắc cử tổng thống? (ảnh 1)
Democratic candidate Joe Biden kneels to speak to a child during a visit to Biden’s childhood home in Scranton on July 9, 2020 (Photo: AP)

During the first debate with Trump, Biden surprised people by saying he “disapproved of the Green New Deal,” “disapproved of public health care,” that he “defeated Bernie.” Sanders ”etc. Will he maintain a position in the middle position? Was he trying to show a mystery?

Tan Diem, host of the “Entering the US” (Engage America) YouTube channel, invited Professor Victor Hanson, senior researcher at the Hoover Research Institute at Stanford University, for further analysis. about this question. Professor Hanson is a specialist in classical and military history. His comments have been published on hundreds of US media.

Left-wing scenario: from soft progressivism to communism

Professor Hanson said that the United States has a constitution, Congress has two parties, has a system of three powers of separation: legislative, judicial and executive, as well as large religious organizations and the right to use weapons to fire according to Tu second main judgment etc. These could have a huge limited effect on the left after coming to power. Even so, the United States was in the first phase of its leftist bias.

Looking back on history, what Mao said and did during the Chinese Civil War in the late 1940s was fundamentally different from what he did later; What the Cuban dictator said in the mountains was also different from what he did after taking office.

At the beginning, they showed a very peaceful expression, promoted egalitarianism, advocated voluntary self-discipline. After coming to power, they began to eliminate dissidents, enforce dictatorship and use violence to suppress the people. Of course, the United States has not yet come to this.

In China in the late 1940s, many people innocently believed that Chiang Kai-shek was corrupt and that Mao Zedong would reform their land. Mao described land reform as a vaguely idealistic socialist, with the Chinese people fundamentally misunderstanding. The same was true for Lenin, who by then had had enough of the Tsarist regime, they felt that Nikolai was too weak and maybe Lenin could lead them to democracy.

Before taking power, leftists did not say they were on the left. This can be seen from Biden. Biden never said he would suspend the oil shale, he said it was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Sanders; he never said he would extend the Supreme Court, saying it was the words of the AOC and Sanders; he never said he would end electoralism, saying it had been said by AOC and Sanders; He also did not say that he would abolish the current policy towards China and revert to the same pro-CCP policy as before.

This is the left scenario. Americans have always been so naive, they see Antifa and say it’s just a bunch of young people and maybe a little out of the ordinary. But we know they are organized and have a lot of funds, they believe in Marxism, want to cause social chaos and interfere in elections. Democrats clearly know this too, but allow this to happen in Green States (Democratic-controlled states) because they find it useful for elections.

Kịch bản nào cho nước Mỹ nếu Joe Biden đắc cử tổng thống? (ảnh 2)
Protesters stand on top of a police patrol car in Los Angeles. (Photo via Getty Images)If anyone objects to Antifa and BLM, it’s considered paranoid. Because Americans are so open and innocent, they never see for themselves how these left-wing socialists turn into Communist killers, and neither do they. know how fast this transformation will be.Just like in China, if in the years 1946-1947, you said to those who are on the same line as Mao Zedong: “30 or 40 years later, there will be 70 million unusual deaths under the regime of Mao. treatment ”, no one will believe it.If someone said to the Soviets, “you might think Lenin was not bad, okay with his logic, but when Stalin’s successor comes to power 25 million people will die”; When Cuban leader Batista took power, people were not treated very well, but there were no killings, if you tell them: “After Castro comes to power he will withdraw 25,000. You are going to kill, you have to get on a boat to escape ”, no one will believe it. We don’t think these dictators will do it to such an extent.

This is the thought of communism. Their scenario is as follows, it always has been. I call it soft authoritarianism, or soft socialism, or soft progressivism, and it will eventually evolve into communism.The left has “kidnapped” the Democratic PartyAs you remember, during the first debate between the two presidents on September 29, Trump forced Biden to see Antifa how? Why never publicly condemn those who support the BLM? Why tolerate looting and violence in democratic-controlled states and cities? Biden replied, “Antifa” is just a concept. But what is this concept?Antifa is a communist organization named after European Communism in the 1930s. BLM is an organization founded by three women who believe in Marxism. We know their plan, they want to create a state of chaos and anarchy. And the Democrats have been kidnapped by people like the left-wing AOC with the so-called “four-man gang” or by socialist Sanders.Biden is like a hot air balloonSo what does Biden ultimately run for president? Professor Hanson thinks Biden is viewed by the left as a layer of leather, like a thin decorated plank on a wooden surface. Leftist forces are using the chaos of society to prove that most people don’t like Trump. They use angry mobs, wildfires, arson, robberies, plagues, etc. to the riot company.

The Left Party told the crowd on the street, “Go ahead and do it, keep doing it.” People will think, want all of this to go away. So Biden came out and said, “I can make these things go away.”If Biden is elected, his term will not be long. Sooner or later Vice President Kamala Harris will become President and the Left’s plan will be implemented. What the angry mob wants including tax increases for the rich, 70% income tax, expansion of the Supreme Court, and more. The left will help them do it. So the beatings and looting will not end, it will continue like this. This is exactly why Biden is unable to say why he was able to “stop this violence”.Kịch bản nào cho nước Mỹ nếu Joe Biden đắc cử tổng thống? (ảnh 3)

Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris. (Photo via Facebook)Biden cannot call for an end to street violence, or ask governors to enforce the law. Ordering local prosecutors in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis and other cities to jail their arsonists, looters, and prosecutors, Biden was unable to do so. If he does, he will lose the support of the left.Marxists are the same, good at creating chaos. They only have a handful of people. They told the American middle class that they would crack down on the riots, as long as they had the power to carry out their policies, they would treat the middle class well. In fact, they are the initiators of the riots.Biden is like a hot air balloon.
The leftists inflated it, bringing down Marxism. Its job is to fly until the election is over, and on the second day after the election results are announced, they will deflate it. As of November 3, each of them will say that Biden is really not bad, very strong, fully capable of following. Due to the virus, he was only able to interview online through Zoom.Once elected, the same group of people will reveal a secret to the “New York Times” that: “We are surprised that Biden’s health is not so stable, we do not know the body at all. he has a problem. This issue is so serious that we may have to comply with the 25th Amendment to make Kamala Harris chair.Why do extremists oppose Trump?Professor Hanson said Trump was afraid of the left because his economic policies favor the middle class. Trump told disadvantaged groups, primarily Mexicans and Africans, that race is not important, class is more important. Just renegotiate a trade deal with the CCP, bring work back to the United States, there is no reason America cannot regain its economic strength and help everyone.Once people get rich and secure, they don’t pay too much attention to their race. People depend on their race because they don’t feel secure economically or because they feel unsafe. As an entrepreneur, Trump believes that economic wealth will have a huge beneficial effect, which is a unique advantage for the United States. So don’t fall into the victim’s mind, always complain that you are in the wrong place.Mr. Trump’s thinking is broad, he wants to revise trade agreements and industrialization policies, close borders to prevent illegal immigration; at the same time so that companies have more business opportunities and hire more employees.

Kịch bản nào cho nước Mỹ nếu Joe Biden đắc cử tổng thống? (ảnh 4)
Mr. Trump wanted to substantially transform the American economy, and that sometimes touched the interests of leftists. (Image: Getty Images)

As the demand for employees increases, employers naturally think of young African Americans whom they have taken lightly in the past. It could help African Americans in interior cities with unemployment rates of up to 17% find jobs and earn their personal dignity through work, rather than relying on welfare to claim. money. . These are Trump’s ideals and plans, but shattered by the CCP virus, economic stagnation and riots make society even more chaotic.

Of course, the American infrastructure is still there, even if the left doesn’t like it. They didn’t like Trump’s saying, “We were founders in 1776, we didn’t want to make children and whites repent for their skin color.”

Left paraphrase: diversify and self-test

The left also doesn’t like Trump when he doesn’t see him say “diversify and test yourself,” like in a North Korean labor camp, Hanson said. Many people in mainland China still remember the situation during the Great Cultural Revolution. During the Mao era, the left faction created an extreme hat, donned all intellectuals and achievements, allowing people to insult or even hurt them. America is not too extreme but is also developing in this direction, this trend can be seen in diversification theory.

So-called diversification, which forces successful people, or government influencers, to admit not being too transparent or subtly concealing discrimination, or is racially systematic and explicit. It is linked to a career, even a matter of life.

In Mao’s time, people who did anything had to admit their mistakes, because they knew that if they didn’t, they wouldn’t just lose their jobs, but even their own lives and the lives of their children. . whether or not is still a problem.

Kịch bản nào cho nước Mỹ nếu Joe Biden đắc cử tổng thống? (ảnh 5)

In Mao’s time, people who did anything had to admit their mistakes, because they knew that if they didn’t, they wouldn’t just lose their jobs, but even their own lives and the lives of their children. . whether or not is still a problem. (Photo via Twitter)

Professor Hanson has taught at Stanford University and many other universities, seeing this phenomenon almost every day. The dean or associate dean often sends notices asking professors to attend the “promotion of diversification”, or asking them to explain and pay attention to something.

These so-called confessions have no real basis. Much like the principal of Princeton University wrote a letter, saying there has always been systemic racism in the history of the school, but he gave no details. In order to obtain federal funding, schools must obtain certification from nonprofit organizations, proving that schools do not tolerate racism.

The government distributes millions of dollars to schools every year, but if that school is racist, the federal government will cut the funding. Princeton University was quick to deny it and said, “No, no we don’t have that, what we’re talking about is the atmosphere we’re running into. The government responded that, that this situation exists or not, if his school did not follow the rules, allowing racism to exist, his school would not receive funding. This expression from the left is just a trick to scare people into participate in politics.

Professor Hanson, as a prominent researcher at the Hoover Institute, believes that the United States is currently in the early stages of left or socialism. If this continues, it will probably be socialism, communism very soon. If what he says is true, then the US elections this time around, for the Chinese who escaped socialism in China and came to America and say, who they vote for is very important.

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