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White House payroll is highest in history, how is Biden spending it?

According to a report submitted to the United States Congress on July 1, the total annual salary of White House staff under President Joe Biden is nearly US $ 50 million (USD), setting a record for White House payroll. highest in American history. How does Mr. Biden spend this money?

Mr. Joe Biden (Source: Adam Schultz/White House)

Online news site Politico reported that Biden’s White House was extremely crowded. On July 1, the White House announced that Biden’s “Administrative Office of the President” (EOP) has 560 people. That’s 190 more people than during the term of previous President Donald Trump, 80 people more than in the Obama era. Biden’s EOP also broke a record of 500 people for the first time.

Biden’s White House staff will cost taxpayers $49.6 million in the first year of his term, nearly $10 million more than Trump’s first year payrolls. 40 million dollars); compared to Obama’s first year White House salary of $49.4 million, which is essentially the same if you factor in 12-year inflation.

On Biden’s White House payroll, press secretary Jen Psaki and 21 other presidential aides receive the highest salaries, topping the list, up to $180,000 a year.

A Biden White House staffer told Politico that the White House is increasing its staffing for fiscal year 2021 in response to “the incredible need this administration has faced at the start of its term, especially at the start of its term, especially in this regard.” especially a global pandemic”. However, the most difficult pandemic period is during Mr. Trump’s term in 2020.

Politico argues that this White House expansion has shown that a lot of policymaking power will be concentrated by Mr. Biden in his EOP, rather than at the expense of his cabinet. For example, Jeffrey Zients leads the 21 people who make up the White House’s novel coronavirus (COVID-19) response team. Mr. Zients has more influence over Biden than Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra. Others like the head of the White House Climate Office Gina McCarthy have had more influence over Biden than Environmental Protection Agency Director Michael Regan. The head of the National Economic Committee, the White House Economic Advisers and Homeland Policy Committees and Biden’s senior economic adviser are more influential than Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in terms of methods. economic policy area.

In addition, Politico said that this “obesity” of the White House under Biden also reflects that Biden has returned so warmly to many of his allies, letting them stay in power. . For example, Mr. Biden has 21 presidential aides, or “APs” for short, in the White House’s mysterious hierarchical system, the APs have preeminent status. In Mr. Biden’s APs, there are regular confidants beside him such as Ron Klain, Bruce Reed, Steve Ricchetti.

Politico also revealed that after Ms. Neera Tanden, who was promoted by Mr. Biden to be the White House manager and in charge of the Budget Office, was not approved by the Senate, Mr. Biden again arranged her a position of senior adviser. of the White House, although that position is filled with many people.

According to the latest payroll revealed by the White House, Neera Tanden’s annual salary is 180,000 USD, which is listed as the highest paid White House employee rank. This is a large amount of money for taxpayers, but compared to her salary of $368,000 plus $51,000 of other ancillary benefits when she worked as the director and CEO of the Center for Progressive America. Center for American Progress), this salary at the White House has also decreased a lot. Of course, being able to stay in the US president’s nuclear circle of power is a different story.

It is estimated that in the four years of Biden’s term, the salary of White House staff will cost more than $ 200 million for taxpayers. During Mr. Trump’s presidency, that number was less than $165 million.

The annual salary of the US president is $ 400,000, Mr. Trump took office for 4 years and worked for free. Every quarter, he donates $100,000 of that salary to a federal agency, receiving a symbolic $1 each year. Trump’s daughter and son-in-law Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are also free to serve as senior White House advisers under Trump.

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