Why can’t most predictions be straight, straight?

A great predictive feature is that he is not able to speak directly, but most of them use poetry or cryptic drawings, diagrams or words to express ideas, or using methods as methods . say the metaphor, the homophones, or change the order of the words, make things happen before people realize the truth.

Predictions – exact predictions for things a few hundred years later, a few thousand years later, even events in the distant future have yet to happen. (Photo: FB)

It makes a lot of people mysterious, it is also a great cause why many people doubt the veracity of the prophecy, thinking that it is only the people who are forced to tie things up after they happen. together.

Because prophecy relates to things that do not happen in the future, if the prophecy speaks clearly about things, it is tantamount to changing the future course, to changing the law of evolution. was intentional, which obviously would not be possible, otherwise it would compromise the accuracy and purpose of the predictions. Therefore, prophecy must use words to avoid expressing meaning.

In addition, it is impossible to say too much detail about the facts, but must have a degree and a limit. So, ordinary people, even if they know the prediction, cannot understand its contents.

The prognostic effect is to alert and guide the next generation

So when things happened before the truth was known, what did the prophecy mean? Basically, the main effect of prediction is to alert and guide the next generation. Through accurate predictions of the future, the predictions help the people of the world understand that human destiny is to obey certain arrangements, to transcend the human ability to operate.

It also causes man to have an attitude of fear of doctrines preached by the saints, supernatural things beyond human control, or the teachings of the gods, to achieve the goal of encouragement. everyone accumulates virtuous actions, advises people not to expect pride, because a little of their own desires do what they want.

At the same time, prophecy also reveals part of the “natural” to man, so that people can be aware of a little of the truth of the universe. For this very reason, prophets often speak with great caution. For example, the Prophet Bo Su Dai Master of the Sui Dynasty once said, “The sky is huge and difficult to know; Only sentient beings can feel nothingness; The monk dared not say much more; Reveal that the sky is afraid of being punished ”.

Half a century ago, American Prophet Edgar Cayce was puzzled when people gathered to see fortune telling. On the one hand, he could see the fate of others, on the other hand, he knew he was only allowed to give limited answers.

Prediction is a science in the higher realms

We can simply say that by understanding the law of climate change, we can predict the weather; By mastering the law of how the universe works, we can predict the future.

Prediction can accurately predict events a few hundred years later, a few thousand years later, even things in the distant future have yet to happen. The scope of the prediction, small refers only to a short future change of a certain person, or a certain object, large, it can refer to the change in the future of a whole people or the humanity. even to some extent in the universe.

How can you do that? Are there objective rules? Many people on this issue feel skeptical, adding the confusing content of the prognosis, making their attitude towards the prediction fundamentally disbelieving in the first place, as irrelevant. me. In particular, those with limited knowledge, a passion for science, or those with lingering thoughts are even more cautious and contemptuous, claiming it is not worth a look.

In fact, prognosis is a science. More than famous prophecies, there is extremely high authenticity and precision. In this regard, the prognosis is relevant to science and at the higher level.

Sutras and Astrology Predict the Future in Different Times and Spaces

The most advanced science today has understood many things related to the truth about the world, time and space transcending our everyday senses and intuitions, clearly indicating that time and space Not only can it be compacted and folded, but there are also many multidimensional systems of time, space and space, similar to those mentioned in the cultivator world.

We know that practitioners always teach the concept of “Heaven”, say how many heavens there are, it says, “One day in heaven, a thousand years on earth”. In fact, these are deeper layers of different spaces, but not other crystals in the same space, time in the universe as we all know.

In this expression, the moon and the sun are not in “heaven” either, because the moon and the sun are in the same space as our earth. Thus, thanks to the supernatural function “Illumination” is able to penetrate the space which is visible in a spatial layer without time, all our manifestations in this space exist in space. There is no other time, so you can see a future scene. I Ching, astrology … also takes advantage of the law of the difference of different spaces and times to think about the future of humanity.

Therefore, in fact, predictions based on supernatural science and supernatural powers are purely scientific methods. On this point, the term qi and the attitude of predictions also appear very clearly.

In true prophecy, the prophets say very clearly what their eyes see, but since prophecy is supernatural, there is also a limit to the degree of mastery of the technique of speculation. like the cultivation and supernatural abilities of the prophet.

The upper level can be prophesied in more detail and depth; the lower level is ambiguous and limited. At the same time, the interpretation of the prophecy is also like this, depending on the person, there are different interpretations, and is limited by the level of knowledge of the interpreter.

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