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Why does the CCP prevent Taiwan from accessing a Covid-19 vaccine?

The situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Taiwan is very serious. When the Institute of Administration held a meeting on the epidemic on June 7, Director General To Trinh Xuong (Su Tseng-chang) decided to continue extending the level 3 warning for two weeks, until June 28. This raised concerns from all walks of life about vaccine shortages. When life is at stake, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to erect barriers, preventing Taiwan from obtaining foreign vaccines. Dr. Wang Youqun believes that there are 3 main reasons why the CCP prevents Taiwan from accessing vaccines:

1. The CCP doesn’t care about the safety of 23 million Taiwanese

The CCP’s cover-up of the 2020 pandemic has caused the Chinese pneumonia (COVID-19) pandemic to spread from Wuhan to all of China and around the world, bringing great disasters to mankind. Moreover, this is also the year the CCP loudly threatens the “Taiwan Armed Forces” most fiercely. In 2020, the CCP also held the most military exercises. By now, the CCP’s military aircraft harassing the island of Taiwan has become a daily occurrence.

In fact, just seeing if the CCP cares about the safety of the Chinese people will know the answer. According to historians: Mao Zedong killed more than 80 million Chinese when he took power. Deng Xiaoping also orchestrated the Tiananmen Square massacre when he was consul. When he ascended to the throne Jiang Zemin even launched a frenzied persecution of Falun Gong, as well as the most brutal live organ harvesting on a large scale. It is also the most heinous crime against humanity since Hitler massacred the Jews. Therefore, the CCP is the most murderous political party in history. Has the CCP ever treated people like a human?

2. The CCP does not allow the citizens of the Republic of China to be effectively protected

“Republic of China” (Taiwan) has been a disaster and a thorn in the eyes of the CCP for decades, just because the Republic of China is the legitimate government of China. Although the Republic of China government has lost the Mainland, it has not abandoned the country, but temporarily retreated to Taiwan island.

Now, the Republic of China has embarked on the path of freedom and democracy more maturely, and has become the only beacon of democracy and freedom in the Chinese world. “People’s Republic of China” is just a lie. Because the CCP does not represent China, much less can it represent the Chinese people. During its 72 years in power, the CCP stripped the Chinese people of all of the Chinese people’s “freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from fear, and freedom from poverty.”

Thus, the free and democratic Republic of China stands in stark contrast to the autocratic “CCP Country”. The CCP prevents Taiwan from buying vaccines from Germany and Japan because it does not want the people of the Republic of China to be effectively protected.

3. The CCP wants to use the Mainland vaccine to serve its political goals

The CCP not only blocks Taiwan’s access to vaccines, but also promotes the “selling” of Mainland vaccines to Taiwan. Is the CCP considering the well-being of the Taiwanese people? Of course not. The key point is what the CCP often says: “The government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government of China, and Taiwan is an inviolable part of China’s territory.”

The CCP wants “compatriots from Taiwan” to use vaccines from the Mainland and is grateful to them. Also use the Special United Front as a tool to pave the way for the CCP to unify Taiwan.

In fact, the CCP has put “politics” above “life” and considers political manipulation as its top priority. This approach and way of thinking is completely opposite to that of an ordinary person and is very unpopular. In this contest of winning or losing the people’s favor, the CCP has once again failed miserably.

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