Why is it so difficult for the CCP to manufacture its own chip equipment?

After the ban on chipmakers from supplying Huawei to the United States went into effect, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) announced that it would build its own lithographic printer, but was accused of being a plan contraband. other “Big Leap Forward” money.

Why is it so difficult for the CCP to manufacture its own chip equipment? (Photo: HHW)

Recently, an article analyzed why CCP cannot produce EUV lithography (ultraviolet lithography) to produce high-end chips. This article sparked heated discussions on social media.

EUV lithography printers are mainly used to produce chips under the 7nm or more advanced process. Currently only ASML Holding in the Netherlands can produce it, and an EUV costs around $ 120 million. ASML has announced that it will stop selling EUV lithographs to Chinese companies.

Social media also posted a remarkable article, the author of the article is a Chinese engineer from ASML company in the Netherlands – who was involved in the manufacture of the EUV lithographic printer. The article analyzes that from the point of view of current technology, Chinese chip makers are still very outdated, lithographs are products of global industrial lines, without the key components. then the wish of the CCP to build an EUV lithographic printer was only a wish.

“Do not speak first of the manufacture of lithographs”

The first part of the article says, “First of all, let’s not talk about the construction of EUV lithographs. It is already very complicated to master the use of the EUV lithographic printer. Taiwan TSMC is our customer. I really admire the engineers at TSMC, or maybe their whole system. Their use of lithographs has reached a very admirable level.

If the TSMC is the US Navy with 10 nuclear powered 100,000 ton aircraft carriers, the Chinese chipmaker is the PLAN, and even the Chinese Navy in the period. because Liaoning was not towed into the port.

He added that if China wants to start a company like TSMC, it needs to invest more money than acquiring TSMC.

He added that if China wants to start a company like TSMC, it needs to invest more money than acquiring TSMC. (Photo: AZPC)

“Without the key components, making EUV lithography is a dream.”

The article also clarifies that without key components, it is desirable to mention that it is a wish to make the EUV lithographic printer! “High efficiency filters, highly reflective coatings for high energy ultraviolet rays, ultra-durable commercial lasers, etc.” China can’t produce it! ”

The CCP announced an investment of 9.5 trillion yuan in chip production by 2025. The author of the article said that if people still think that markets, money and politics can do a step “Big leaps forward for lithographs is completely wrong.

“It’s not a bad thing to accept that you can’t do something, try hard, and need help from abroad. Blind optimism will ruin its own future, ”he said, adding:“ Lithography is an integrated product in the global industrial chain. If the technological blockade against China is not relaxed, the situation will be even more serious. There is absolutely no way you can count on China alone for 10 or 20 years to be successful.

As to whether the CCP can imitate ASML’s EUV lithography printer, the author said, “Even though China makes an identical one, there are still copyright issues, wanting to avoid This stack. copyright for marketing is almost impossible ”.

After the article was published, netizens left a message saying, “Basic manufacturing can’t keep up, diet can’t keep up.” How many slogans you can shout is in vain, even if it was not possible to come up with this issue 5,000 years ago.

The CCP again mentions the “list of ‘blocked’ technologies.”

Just before the US ban went into effect on September 15, Chinese website declared that “with the support of Chinese national policy and the persistent efforts of Chinese Scientific Research, in the near future , China will certainly be able to create its own advanced lithographic printer, not inferior to the most advanced in the world.

This comment was immediately “slapped” by Internet users: “My country thinks every day that it is beneficial, but in fact it is not that harmful, and it is far behind in the required technology. high accuracy “.

Recently, the head of the Chinese Academy of Sciences again mentioned the “list of 35 ‘blocked’ technologies offered by Mainland’s Science and Technology Daily, claiming that this list becomes a” scientific research task list. ” Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei unexpectedly went to the Chinese Academy of Sciences to hold a forum with his academics.

The two main technologies in the above list are lithography and chip. Foreigners speculated that Ren Zhengfei’s decision could be linked to the CCP’s announcement to build an EUV lithographic printer.

In July, the Chinese Academy of Sciences website published information about the “Breakthrough of 5-nanometer lithography in the country,” shortly after, the article was immediately deleted.

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