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Witness gave explosive testimony over USB drives that gave Biden 50,000 votes

Witness Gregory Strenstrom provided evidence of voter fraud at a hearing in Pennsylvania on November 25, 2020. Photo: Capture video.

The Pennsylvania State Legislature on Wednesday, November 25, eastern time, in the United States, held a hearing on unusual questions from the 2020 election. Describes how he personally observed dozens of key strange ones USB plugged into the voting machine, bringing 50,000 votes to candidate Joe Biden in no time.

The witness introduced himself: “My name is Gregory Strenstrom, I am from Delaware County, former naval commander, veteran of foreign wars, CEO of a private company of mine, a data scientist, a medical computer scientist. – legal and an expert in security and fraud ”.

Video of witness statements during the hearing:

“I was told that at every election they leave two USB sticks in the counting machine… after talking to the police I found out that the truth is not, that more than two [USB] C ‘is unusual – they deny having done it, but to date 47 USB drives have been lost and cannot find them anywhere … I have been personally informed that these USB drives have been loaded. … They didn’t update the live voting in real time, ”Strenstrom said.

They only download every two or three hours or so, he continued. I asked them to update the votes so I could see what the results were, and it was 50,000 votes – and as a computer scientist, American, and patriot, those 50,000 votes – I’m going to tell you that these votes are for Biden, but what shocks me is that they even dared to surpass me, an American gone to sea and to war ”.

“In any case, the custodian’s sequence has been broken. It was snapped for the postal ballots, ballot boxes, USB drives on election day, anyway, they didn’t follow any of the procedures identified by the Delaware County Elections Council. Mr. Strenstrom continued.

Mr Strenstrom told the council he saw a man “not a member of the process” entering the counting center with “pockets with several USB drives”.

“Personally, I have observed that the USB stick is repeatedly plugged into the counting machine [to download data] by a polling station monitor. I saw this with my own eyes. I made a note to the deputy sheriff there as a senior law enforcement official and I made a note to the electoral secretary – I was against it, ”he said.

I say that this person is not supervised, even if he is not part of the electoral process as I know it, and that he enters freely with the bag that we photographed, and we filed our statements ”.

“And he plugs those USB keys into the counting machines. I have personally seen this happen over 24 times – we have other witnesses who have seen it, including those following the Democratic poll. “

He went on to say, “I noticed that in the locked back office room there were 70,000 unopened letters containing ballots. The problem was that at that point the postal ballot was counted. So 120 thousand messages counted, posted, finished. My question is: where did the 70,000 votes go? And nobody knows it ”.

“I want to see where the data comes from and I want to know the ‘universe of votes’. There should have been 120,000 letters in the ballots with 6,000 votes remaining. So “Universe” will be 126 thousand votes. When I later realized we didn’t have 126,000, we had 200,000 votes

“People always ask me, ‘How do they commit crimes? “I’m always looking for the simpler reasons – they plug in the USB, put the votes, these are very simple things – just a few people [to do]. No need for a big conspiracy.”

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