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World News 2/2: US Secretary of State Pays Tribute to Homosexuality; Congressman urged Taiwan to move towards independence

DKN World News, Tuesday, February 2, would like to send you the following information:

A series of Myanmar ministers have been removed from their posts. Myanmar’s military television announced on Monday the decision to remove 24 ministers and deputy ministers from Aung San Suu Kyi’s government, and announced a list of 11 people who have been appointed. Earlier in the morning of the same day, the Burmese military arrested State Councilor Aung San Suu Kyi, President Win Myint and senior officials of the ruling National Coalition for Democracy (NLD) party, with the strength of these politicians in electoral fraud [Reuters].

The congressman urged Taiwan to move towards independence. Taiwanese lawmakers supporting the independent island nation continued to push for changes to the national emblem and flag, as well as constitutional amendments to remove references to unification with mainland China. At a Taiwanese legislature meeting on Monday, members of the ruling Dan Tien party urged the government to promote the change, saying it would be necessary if Taiwan Loan is to become a “normal country”. However, the opposition rejected the proposal and viewed it as a provocation [SCMP].

Mr. Trump continues to receive a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. Jaak Madison, Estonian Member of the European Parliament, announced on Facebook on Monday that he had nominated former US President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. Mr. Madison explained the reason for this decision in the nomination: “Donald Trump is the first president of the United States in 30 years not to start any war […]. In addition, Mr. Trump has signed numerous peace agreements in the Middle East, helping to ensure stability and peace in this region ”[Euronews].

The American vice-president had the first foreign affairs. Ms Kamala Harris spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday, marking her first call with a foreign leader since entering the White House in her role. During the appeal, Harris said the Biden administration “will do everything it can” to help free two Canadian citizens held by China [AP].

The US Secretary of State pays homage to homosexuals. Administration Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced he would overturn former Trump’s executive order and allow the “proud flag”, a symbol of the LGBTQ community, to ambassadors in US stores around the world . Mr Blinken also confirmed plans to appoint a special human rights envoy for LGBTQ people. It is a decision to resume popular action under Obama. Homosexuality is considered a common phenomenon in traditional East-West culture [Breitbart].

He offered to join the CPTPP. On Monday (1/2), the UK formally issued a request to join the Pacific Comprehensive and Progressive Trade Agreement (CPTPP). This is the first application by a CPTPP member outside of 11 Pacific countries. UK Foreign Trade Minister Liz Truss held a video conference with her Japanese and New Zealand counterparts. “I want the UK to join the CPTPP to help rebuild a better world trading system,” [SCMP], he told the conference.

Mr. Navalny can serve a prison sentence of more than 3.5 years. Russian prosecutors will most likely sentence the opposition leader to jail time, while the Kremlin dismisses US complaints about his case on Monday (1/2) ahead of trial. Mr Navalny was given a prison term on charges of breaking the rules while on probation, for example failing to see a doctor as the Russian authorities ordered in Germany after the poisoning in Novichok [The Guardian].

Biden threatens to punish the Burmese army. On Monday, the new US president said the Burmese military coup was “a direct attack on the country’s transition to democracy and the rule of law.” “The United States has lifted sanctions on Burma over the past decade on the basis of progress towards democracy,” he said. Reversing this progress would require an immediate review of our laws and sanctions authority, followed by appropriate action ”[Reuters].

Israeli planes are shot down in Lebanon. Hezbollah’s Lebanese force said it shot down an Israeli drone while flying over the border in southern Lebanon on Monday. The Israeli military also confirmed this information. The incident occurred 10 days after the IDF shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle that it claimed had entered its airspace from neighboring Lebanon [Aljazeera].

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