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World news January 4: President Trump suspects Covid’s status is exaggerated, continues to call for protests on January 6

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Taiwan warns of Beijing’s destructive new trick. The Taiwanese government-sponsored Defense and Security Research Institute has issued a warning about the dangers posed by internet crooks from China, describing it as a new kind of war that could endanger. dangerous for the democracy of Taiwan and undermine elections in Western countries and democracy. To say that the Chinese government military forces are creating a kind of “smoke-free war” which renders the adversary unable to distinguish between war and peace while constantly suffering damage as he “prejudices” receives public awareness and reflection [Taiwan News].

President Trump suspects the CDC of exaggerating the status of Covid. Trump questioned the accuracy of Wuhan’s virus infections and deaths on Sunday, saying the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are exaggerating those numbers. “The number [of infections] and deaths caused by the Chinese virus in the United States is exaggerated due to the [CDC’s] ridiculous determination in relation to other countries, many of them report. intentional, very imprecise and weak, ”Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter. “When in doubt, call Covid ‘Fake News! “” [Epoch Times].

Thailand has people infected with the “super infectious” virus from Wuhan. On January 3, the country announced that it had discovered a new variant of the highly contagious Wuhan virus that had already been found in the UK, so the Thai government could grant permission to provincial leaders. impose a blockade. This variation was found in a family of four returning from England [Reuters].

You can apply additional blocking measures. On January 3, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that an additional blockade could be imposed as the number of Wuhan virus infections continued to rise, but confirmed the school was still safe. Mr Johnson’s warning comes amid the number of Wuhan pneumonia cases in the UK continuing to rise sharply as the variant of the Wuhan virus strain B.1.1.7 has more than 20 mutations compared to the original version and the ability to infect. the infection is about 70% higher [Reuters].

The Emperor’s residence has been hacked. A 29-year-old man has been arrested after breaking into Emperor Naruhito’s residence on the grounds of “wanting to meet a royal member”. The suspect broke into Emperor Akasaka’s mansion on the night of January 2 through the door of an unattended guesthouse. This person was discovered by the Imperial Guard two hours later near the residence of Princess Yuriko, the grandmother of Emperor Naruhito [Yahoo].

President Trump met with 50 lawmakers. Representative Mo Brooks said he and a group of Republican congressmen had a telephone meeting on the evening of January 2 to discuss a plan to challenge the election results at the congressional meeting on January 6. According to Mr. Brooks, 50 lawmakers and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows attended the meeting with President Trump. Brooks added that this is only a fraction of the number of lawmakers committed to challenging the results of the election vote [Foxnews].

President Trump continued to call for protests on January 6. Mr Trump shared a tweet from Amy Kremer, who hosted the March for President Trump, saying his team would host the rally at Ellipse Park, next to the White House. In a later tweet, President Trump shared Kylie Jane Kremer, founder of Stop The Steal, who urged everyone to attend the rally at Ellipse Park on January 6. President Trump wrote: “I will be there. A historic day ”[Twitter, Twitter].

Over 30,000 President Trump’s votes in Georgia have been overturned. This is the statement of data scientists who testified at a hearing in the Georgia State Senate on December 30, 2020. In addition, scientists also said that an additional 12,173 votes for President Trump had been transferred. in Biden. “There is election fraud in Georgia, we can prove it with data. The will of the Georgian people to vote is not reflected by what is certified by the Secretary of State, ”said scientist Justin Mealey [The Epoch Times].

Ms Pelosi was re-elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives. In Sunday’s January 3 election, Ms Pelosi won the opponent with a positive vote rate of 216-209. Five Democrats chose not to back her, two voted to keep lawmakers out, tandi

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