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Xinjiang concentration camp drives many girls crazy

Tursunay Ziyawudun, a Uighur who has been detained twice in Xinjiang concentration camps, testified ahead of an online hearing held by the US House Foreign Affairs Committee on May 6. She talked about what happened to her in the concentration camp. Ms. Ziyawudun said many girls were sexually assaulted and all girls were subjected to forced sterilization.

Ms. Tursunay Ziyawudun (Image: BBC video screen capture)

Ms. Ziyawudun was sent to the Xinjiang concentration camp for the second time on March 8, 2018, and detained for 10 months. She was locked in a very dirty room. “The room is very cramped. There is a bucket in the corner of the room that is used as our toilet. Many cameras in the room were always watching over us. “

The concentration camp only provided them with a bowl of soup lumpy like water and one bread at a time. This leaves detainees in a state of daily starvation. They were also injected with unknown drugs.

Detainees have also been told that they have ideological problems and need education. They were forced to watch countless movies about Xi Jinping. Every day they also have to swear loyalty to the Chinese Communist government and deny their beliefs.

However, the most frightening thing is that girls are often captured and raped, driving them insane. One day, Ms. Ziyawudun was taken with another girl. “I was poked with an electric baton to my lower body. I also heard another girl scream in the next room. I know the guard raped her. ” Since then, this girl did not stop crying.

Not only that, the concentration camp also issued an order requiring all women to have sterilization or IUD insertion. When many young girls were told that they were going to be sterilized and will never have a baby again, everyone cried and screamed.

Ms. Ziyawudun left the camp in December of the same year. Before her release, the police threatened Ms. Ziyawudun not to talk about her experiences or she would suffer serious consequences.

In 2020, after coming to the United States, will Ms. Ziyawudun have the courage to speak the truth. For the first time, Ms. Ziyawudun told BBC reporters her experience. This shocked the international community. Ms. Ziyawudun said that when being held in a detention center in Xinyuan County, Ili Autonomous Province, Xinjiang, every night women were taken out of their cells and raped. She herself has also been raped by many men. Some sexually abused women have passed away forever. Those who were able to get back to the cell could only “lie still” at the threats.

Labor camps in Xinjiang (Source: Google)

Ms. Ziyawudun urged members of Congress to take action. After hearing Ms. Ziyawudun’s words, US Congress members from both parties were shocked and dared not believe this was the truth.

Rep. Gregory Meeks from New York Democrats, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee who chaired the hearing, told Ms. Ziyawudun: “Your testimony shocked me. No one should be treated as horrible as you have been. ” “In particular, the Chinese authorities have been preventing reporters, researchers and field surveyors from going there (to find out). So, being able to hear these experiences from her own mouth, for us to say, this is very important. “

Since 2017, China has detained more than one million Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, according to UN experts and human rights organizations. These prisons all torture, force disappear, forced labor, sexual violence and other mistreatment acts.

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