You live well, maybe because someone is praying for you

Illustration: Pixabay.

A ship was floating in the sea when it encountered a big storm and sank. Only two of the sailors on board were able to swim to a nearby island. They survived but didn’t know what to do to survive, so they decided to pray.

Because they wanted to see who had a prayer to reach God, the two men divided the land, each in half the island.

The first thing, they pray for food. The next morning the first man saw a tree full of fruit on his island, now he doesn’t worry about being hungry. The other man was in barren land, so it was difficult to find enough food for himself.

After a week, the first man felt lonely. He decided to beg a wife. The next day, another boat sank and only one survivor was able to swim to the shore of his island. The guy had a wife like he wanted to see him. And on the other side of the island, nothing has happened yet.

Soon after, the first man again prayed for his house, his clothes, and more food. And miraculously, every day after the day of prayer, the man had everything he wanted. However, the second man still had nothing.

Finally, the man first prayed for a boat so that he and his wife could leave the island for the mainland.

The next morning, he spotted a ship docking on the island. He and his wife got on the train, but decided not to call the second man with him.

As the ship was about to leave, the first man suddenly heard a voice from Heaven:

“Why didn’t your family call your mate?”

The man replied:

“I am a person who prays hard and I deserve my blessings. His prayers weren’t answered by God, so he didn’t deserve anything.

“Your house is fake,” said a growling voice. “He only had one prayer and I always answered. Otherwise, your house will never receive these blessings.

“Tell me, why did he pray?

“Your good friend always prayed that all of your prayers would come true.”

You know, in order for your prayers to come true, there’s a good chance that a loved one will pray for you somewhere at some point.

And do you know that God will only answer the requests of those who are sincere, honest and who know how to live for others.

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